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Where to get small stainless rod?

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  • Where to get small stainless rod?

    Anyone know where to get small diameter stainless rod, I need to make some 6-32 sized u-bolts. (.1375 or 3.5mm) They must be stainless or some other corrosion resistant material. McMaster doesn't have anything on the web site smaller than 1/4x20. Any sources out there? I'll make my own if I can find rod of the appropriate diameter. I could turn the ends of 3/16 down a bit and make do but that's work I'd rather pass on.
    James Kilroy

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    TIG filler rods or wheel spokes would be what I would look at...


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      Stainless Rod

      Mc Master Carr


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        MSC lists it...

        How many pieces do you need? I can get it.

        Funny thing there, I just got off the phone with the product manager at MSC for stainless steel rod and B7 bolting.....he asked if I was willing to quote all of it...We only manufacture 5/8 and up on stainless


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          McMaster has 6-32 threaded rod in both 316 and 18-8


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            I have used SS arc welding rods but only when someone else was paying for them. Wayne.


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              make friends with the local metal scrapper in your neighborhood,i find SS rod in refridgerator ice makers,and outdoor stuff, chairs,bbq rotiseries,copy machines,printers,take a magnet with you, or keep one in your vehicle.
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                Welding rods. Price has always been reasonable and sizes from 1/16 to 1/4 have always been available- my experience anyway.
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