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Southbend MT3 Collet Chuck

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  • Southbend MT3 Collet Chuck

    Can anyone tell me what type of collets this thing uses? Thank you very much.

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    What exactly is the question? Is this a collet chuck that fits into a MT3 headstock taper and holds a collet? Pictures would help. I'd guess one of the ER series of collets because they are very common. there are dimensions online and you could measure some of the features to see what might fit.



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      I bought a southbend MT3 quick change collet chuck from Grizzly, but it doesn't say what type of collets it takes. It is a 16 piece set and I'm wondering if I can buy some other sized for it. I emailed Grizzly and they say it takes E0C-25. I've never heard of that style collet. So, I looked them up and they don't seem to be readily available. I'm curious if I could use a different style.


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        I'm not sure I understand your hangup. If you got the Grizzly T10070 16 pc. set it has collets with it and they look like the EOC. They're not interchangeable with other collets, but what you bought should be a workable collet set for you on your lathe.

        If you're asking about intermediate sizes between the ones you have then I do understand the problem. To my mind the ER collets are a better choice since they're so much more readily available and the chuck with that set looks like it occupies the spindle bore so you can't put long stock through the spindle.

        If your lathe has a threaded spindle nose you can make an adapter for ER collets and just buy the replacement nut and wrench and preserve the spindle through-hole. I've made quite a few adapters for people, mostly ER-32 for nominal 3/4" spindle bores, but some ER-40 for larger lathes and then a few other oddball stuff.
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          Not really sure what you're using it for, but here is my take. That set is meant for toolholding. As such, you have every conceivable inch end mill shank in that 16pcs. collet set. If you want to hold drills, I would recommend ejecting your collet chuck and inserting a MT3 drill chuck. This would likely require removing the drawbar when you do so on a mill.
          I cannot see any appropriate use for this chuck on a lathe---certainly not in the headstock. It needs a drawbar; there is no through-bore; and it has limited collet range. If this is what you purchased it for, I would recommend returning it for a more appropriate piece of tooling. For a mill, it would make an excellent milling set for a machine with a MT3 spindle.

          The only real problem I can imagine you're encountering (unless you're using it on a lathe) is metric shanks. There are no metric dimensioned collets. Being that you are in Ohio, though, I am hesitant to believe this is the impetus of your question.
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