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do boring bars need hardening?

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    This seems to be one our annual "storm in a tea cup" threads with a lot of people talking at but not to each other.


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      I would like to use this thread to express my opinions of others as well.


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        Originally posted by beanbag
        I would like to use this thread to express my opinions of others as well.
        Quite some others seem to be using it as a vehicle to have a shot at or to try to shred some others.

        There is any amount of precedence for you to join in.

        For what its worth, the OP's heading is:

        do boring bars need hardening?
        the text for which is:

        Originally posted by lowcountrycamo
        Making a couple of 3/4" boring bars out of hardened rod. Annealing now. Should I re-harden after machining. Bars will be 10" and 6". Thanks.
        It seems to be a simple question that after all the number of times that this thread has been hashed around over time that there should easily be a short concenus answer without any of the "side issues".


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          I have made a couple from annealed torsion bars , machined the pockets and cleaned the body back to give some clearence and then just hardened the first 50-70 mm so that the inserts dont chew the pockets out and to reduce the wear that Sir John described .
          These are about 250mm long and 19mm diameter.

          They should outlast me as they only get 8-12 hours use every six months.
          No pics as they are packed away waiting for the next job.
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            I made these little bars out of 12L15. I don't think you can really harden that material. They work fine as long as you don't try to take too heavy of a cut. If I had made these out of any other material they would have never come out as nice as they did...... insert pocket and 4-40 screw hole would have been tough to cut.