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Is there a long taper spindle mount smaller than L-00?

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  • Is there a long taper spindle mount smaller than L-00?

    A while back I bought a four jaw chuck on Ebay that was advertised as having an L-00 mount. When i got it, it cetainly looked like an L00 mount, but when i tried to fir it, I found that the key in my spindle nose wouldn't fit the keyway in the chuck. As I looked closer, I saw that the diameter of the threads is just a bit smaller than my L-00 mount chucks that I have on hand, and the taper bore is a little bit smaller as well. I have searched the web for L-000 mount but have come up with nothing. Can anyone shed some light on this? If measurements are needed, I can get them this evening when i get home.

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    Seems not.


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      Rivett had proprietary taper very similar to L-00, however I'm not sure if its smaller or bigger then L-00, will have to go and measure.


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        1/4 inch wide key? I think that's a Rivett 918. About 1/3 of the way down this page:



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          Thanks fellas!

          The Back of the 4-jaw in this picture looks just like the back of the 4-jaw I bought.

          So I went downstairs and took a look and sure enough, it says RIVETT right on the face of the chuck. I wonder if someone has a RIVETT lathe they need a chuck for? I really like the chuck itself as it is quite shallow, and would be nice for barrel work through the spindle.


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            4 Jaw Rivett 918

            I have a couple of Rivett lathes including a 918, and would be interested in acquiring a 4 jaw for it. I've had somewhat the opposite of your experience, buying a "Rivett" backplate on eBay only to find it was an L00 instead.