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J+S 540 Voltage question?

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  • J+S 540 Voltage question?

    Hi all. Just picked up a 540 surface grinder. 1968 vintage
    I'm running a RPC running @ 240v
    The 540 is set up to run at 440v
    The primary on the transformer that came with it is rated for 208v.
    I'm getting around 500v on the secondary. Any issues running the grinder at that voltage?

    Is there anything I should look out for maintanance wise?
    It could use a new belt. I cleaned the 2 dead mice out of the hydralic tank along with a few years of crud. Cleaned the screens. The oil acually looked quite clean so I ran it through a fine screen a few times and put it back in to test the machine. To my suprise everything works. It hadn't been ran since the early 80s.
    Coolant tank is next.

    Just picked up a pail of Boss way 32 oil to replace the mouse contaminated stuff.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    there are two art decco MEM contactor units {motor starters)...i could not get mine to go untill i got second hand contacts for them.

    the dust from grinding gets onto them and burns the contacts out ..

    i tried for ages to get new ones ..must start looking again.

    best place for spares is j&s themselves ....they are suprisingly cheap...they dont sell the contacts though .

    i bought piston rings and ram seals for mine ..and i think they were less than £15

    dont know the issues with running other voltages ..but the contactors are 440 volt.

    found a few more details from old post of mine ..about 6 years ago ..prices will be more now

    few reapeats ..

    oils mobil vacuoline 1405 in the will need to buy a 20 litre container of it about £48

    oil nipples......mobil vactra medium heavy

    spindle (you have an old one )...mobil velocite no3

    panels come off from rear ..there are a couple more nipples for the head raising screw

    doesn't say in the manual ..but on mine which has power rise and fall has oil in the transmission .......think i put ISO 25 hydraulic in it ..after draining old stuff out .

    to the side of the hydraulic pump is an adjustment for the pumped way oil'll soon know if you have too much going to the ways .

    ram seals will probably be goosed ...these are cheap to replace ..

    i bought new ram seals for mine plus piston rings for the ram for less than £25

    Jones and shipman themselves are the cheapest to get spares from ....and all their prices are very good ..there will be no eshhhhing at the prices for you .

    i did a very Good scan of the manual ..gave it to a couple of guys on the pm forum ...i no longer have the scan ..but probably they do there find who i gave to to ..and pm them for a copy.

    T. NGUYEN BINH of pm forum has the manual

    all the best.markj
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      Are you sure you can't convert it back to 220/240 and skip the transfomer?

      500 is a bit high... I can live with that on a 480 system, but I'll be looking for a 240->480 transformer with taps to 440.

      Take great care when messing with 500 volt systems.


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        Thanks for the replys guys.
        I had a quick look at the hydralic pump motor. It didn't have alternate voltages stamped on the name plate so Im thinking its 440 only. I will have to closer look. My bridgeport CNC quil motor is dual voltage. Would be a nice feature on the grinder.
        I did get all the origional paper work for it. icluding the packaging list. No price though. It would be nice to se what is was worth back in 68.

        I think the spindle has sealed brgs. I see no oil sight glass.
        One thing was the start button for the spindle was stuck in I had to take it apart and sand down the button a bit. It looked like it may have swelled a bit from oil contamination. works find now. I also noticed the start contacts for the hydralic motor were bussing chattering a bit. I think they were just dirty, I cycled them on off a bit and they seem to be fine now.

        I picked up the boss way 32 oil shown in the first post. It was the closest thig I could find to vacuoline 1405 in my area. I have yet to find something for the nipples. I do have another transformer that came with the Bridgeport I will have to have a look at he spec plate.

        One thing I noticed that was odd, is if you turn the table speed knob to high the auto feed stops. Not sure if this is a normal feature or it needs repair.
        If I set the speed knob about 1/2 or pointing straight out it feeds fine.
        Any Ideas?


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          one of those knobs is a kind of damp down the hydraulic pulses.... the jarring of the table between switch of directions giving better may be getting this confused.

          all the best..markj
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            I believe its the one on the left. the one on the right will shut off the table and controle its speed somewhat.
            I will have to have a look in the manual.


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              Just had a quick look its called a dwell control and cross feed cut-out. Im guessing by the name its dooing what its suposed to.
              More reading needed.


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                Current prices for a ram seal kit (including piston rings) is 45 pounds. They will post overseas.. I just got a set this week in the mail from J&S.

                Felt wipers are 4.25 pounds each.

                Ball bearing spindles were around then so you could have either... the babbit bearing spindle has a sight glass and oil filler hole... As mentioned you use Velocite 3 in the spindle.. It has the viscosity of kerosene... You only need 150ml or so of it... I still had to buy a 20l container for mine, but it seems to make a bloody good penetrating oil...

                I have a manual but no parts book...

                All the motors on mine are 240-400-440 volts..

                Here is the wiring diagram I found hidden in the hyd pump motor. Mine is wired for 415V. Click the pic for a bigger version

                Oh and a shameless link to a vid of mine in action
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                Precision takes time.


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                  Cool I will have to have another look at the motor connections.
                  Looks like we have twins. I will have to post a pick. I have a parts catalog and an instruction manual for mine as well so if you need inf. feel free to PM me.


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                    I would like a scan of the parts book if that is possible... Or just a schematic of the babbitt wheel head would do... I am interested in how it works...
                    Precision takes time.


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                      I will PM you tomorrow.


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                        I have the manual mark scanned at work. Will dig it out tomorrow if anyone wants it.

                        Just south of Sudspumpwater UK


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                          I have a later model 540, and am very interested in the coolant
                          trough on your grinder as mine came with out it, I was wondering
                          how the coolant got back into the tank, any chance of some photos
                          of the trough and how it is attached.



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                            Photo's here

                            Precision takes time.


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                              Hey nice picks RC.

                              On the first pick of the coolant tank there is a piece in the far left upper tank I have 2 of these but I dont know what they are for?
                              I also have a coal shovel type whatchamado that looks like its used to scrape grindings out of the tanks. I have a rod, has a slight bend in it, you know what its for.

                              Side note I remove my magnet and what a mess under it. I cleand it up, groud the table and both sides of the magnet. Oiled and bolted down ready to do some work. YAY.