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I need to find some software

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  • I need to find some software

    My brother does gas turbine plant shut downs.

    At a training seminar he was given a program that helped line up the shafts when mating machines together.You measured the gap between the shaft at four points(3,6,9,12 oclock) and the distance to the anchoring holes.

    The program would tell you how much and what direction to move the machine so the shafts lined up on the first move.

    Well his computer was stolen and now I have to line up a turbine to a gear box to a generator.

    Any body ever hear of such software? Where do I find it?

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    Seems to me it would be easy enough to just set up a spreadsheet to do that.


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      A google of "software align shafts" (without the "") turned up several hits of commercially available software.
      Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.