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OT: European socialist governments

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  • OT: European socialist governments

    Friday I bought a Wall Street Journal on a trip. I just read two long articles about Greece and their coming Sunday election. The article talked about their recession and 23% underemployment issue. Well, I have been reading a book, The Great Depression, America, 1929-1941 by Robert McElvaine and in it he states the unemployment during the depression was about 20%.

    So, an unemployment rate HIGHER than the Great Depression is still a recession? Yeah, right, and I'm a billionaire. They interviewed many people and it seems that the people are unwilling to give up their socialist ways and want the government to keep on supporting them in the fashion they have become accustomed to. Sunday they will vote for a new government but all the parties they will vote for support a socialist form of government, some more, some less.

    Obama is in favor of a socialist government for the USA and in fact that is what he has been involved in since he was a child in Indonesia. His stepfather taught him along those lines as well as how to be a Muslim. If the conservative European governments can't control the socialist European government by withdrawing funding then the whole of Europe is going into a true depression and taking the rest of the world with it.

    We now borrow 43 cents of each dollar the US government spends. It won't be long until the interest on that debt will exceed what the government collects in taxes. Think about what will happen then. So you think the Great Depression of '29-'41 was bad. Just wait a few years and see just how bad it will be.

    My friends, we are headed to HELL IN A HAND BASKET as the saying goes.
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    The Greeks are so bad that now that their gov is out of money, they want some other gov to keep them up. They feel they are entitled to life long entitlements, not matter who pays. Grow a set of [email protected]#%s and get to work!


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      Best to stick to machining topics, lest you get into matters about which you know little.



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        You must not become too dispondent re sociallism.
        I guess you are equating whet your president is doing with greek government policy, and nothing could be further from the truth.The capatilist bankers got your country in the mess it's in and we too for that matter so there is a big difference between socialism A and socialism B and C D E F G H.President Obama is not a comunist socialist he's just trying to protect the weak is there anything wrong with that ? unless you want true style return to the bad old days.
        I like Obama and his government seem ton be the envy of Europe according to the way he's handling the crisis unlike our lot of fannies here in the uk hooray hendries who never will understand poverty as they are all stinking rich and always have been. Give the guy a break. Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          The "real" unemployment in the US is a little over 15% now but we keep hearing "the private sector is doing fine". I guess if you hear it often enough, you start to believe it. The numbers can be adjusted any way they want. I don't know what private sector the president is referring to--Perhaps it's Army privates. The current net worth of families in the US has fallen to 1992 levels. So what ever you've been working for in the past twenty years hasn't meant a thing.

          Hope and change! How's that working for you now?


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            Wow - talk about a lock post topic