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  • Rockwell 11" question

    Hello all,

    I have been lurking here for some time and have learned a lot. I've been looking for a lathe and have found a Rockwell 11" # 25-451. The problem is it has noise in the backgear in low speeds. Is there anywhere in the States that has parts for this machine? I'm a competitive highpower shooter and am looking forward to building and barreling my own rifles. Thanks.


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    The gears used for backgears on most lathes are straight cut, and may not always be adjusted for the best mesh. Noise is not uncommon.
    Try some heavier lube on the gears, and look for adjustment to tighten things up, and you may be able to quiet things down a bit.
    These lathes are fairly common, and parts are available on eBay, and through several of the advertisers in Home Shop Machinist.
    Jim H.


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      sometimes chips get in the gears and make a noise.

      Necessity is the mother of Invention


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        Thanks Gentlemen for the swift replies. I haven’t bought this lathe yet, just looking for parts availability. It looks like there are plenty out there. The fellow that has it has a home machine shop business and is a gunsmith. He has built many rifles that have medalled at the Nationals including mine.

        This was his first lathe. He wants to get this one out of the way to install another “realâ€‌ lathe. He seems to think it will need parts so that’s why I think it’ll need some. I want to make reasonably sure it can be fixed before we bring it home. I think I can get it for well under a grand with all the tooling, even the original manual. I am blessed with several machinist friends which are willing to teach me how to properly make chips.

        Thanks again,


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          I agree that if it is good shape, it is a good lathe. I am looking for parts for my friends 11" Rockwell and my only response was to make the parts. I'm trying to help him get it into shape for chambering. We are benchrest shooters and it will help him to get one done when he wants it done and since he already has it why not. Butch