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    Just bought a set from MSC, formerly J&L, Interstate is the brand name. Six pieces, 5/8in thru 1 1/2 in, $99. They were made in China,look to be finished nicely, and sharp. I use mostly aluminum and plastic, but I will report how well they hold up. Bob.


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      In all honesty i really think a number of these off shore end mills are getting quite good.

      My reason for thinking this:

      They had/have to get better to compete.

      Anyone who buys a set that is crap, sure isn't going to buy another set the same.


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        My mill is manual, and I only do my own work. I use the Atrax all the time and have had no problems. They are affordable too. I use the 1/2" as a standard for checking prices when I see an advertisement. If a 1/2" is under 20 bucks, I consider it a good deal, and the others should fall under the same price range.


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          What about EM size restrictions and using carbide on a 1-HP J-head Bridgeport?



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            You cannot go past using rippa end mills on low hp machines

            Just use the normal endmills for final cuts.
            Precision takes time.


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              perhaps this is the same thing RC just said, because I don't know what a rippa end mill is. I have a 1/2 horse machine, and the roughing mills really reduce the load on the motor. You also don't get those stringy needles coming off the work that always seem to end up in your hands.
              I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.


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                I never see anyone here mentioning the Garr brand.
                From time to time my son in law will bring me some discards from his workplace, 1/2" and smaller, and they're almost always Garr.

                I don't have the breadth of experience with brands to make an informed judgement. But I've always assumed they must be pretty good, or at least middle of the road or better.
                Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                  Even for a smaller machine, Get some of those wavy toothed rougher endmills. They let you take MUCH bigger bites of metal without so much hammering effect and make thinner chips resulting in overall, you can just chew more metal on the same machine. They do leave a weird rough finish, but then you can switch to a finisher endmill that will be sharp since it did not just have to rough out a huge amount of metal.
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