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Ridgid ratchet pipe threader question

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  • Ridgid ratchet pipe threader question

    I purchased a set of Ridgid and Toledo pipe threading dies from a flea market. The handle that came with them has a 2 1/2" hole in it. It is a Toledo #11. It also came with some dies that would fit into a handle with a 2" hole. What Ridgid handle would fit the 2" size dies?
    The local industrial surplus store has a ton of dies from Ridgid and Toledo. For future reference is there a cross reference chart or some designation in the Ridgid model number as to the size of the die? The dies I have do not have any number on them except for the pipe size

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    Ridgid 12-R series handle is capable of threading from 1/8-2" pipe sizes.
    Ridgid OOR will thread from 1/8-1" pipe
    Ridgid 11-R will thread from 1/8-1-1/4" pipe
    The replacement dies (chasers) are all labeled as 12-R and will work in all the above die heads.
    I don't remember what Toledo numbers were but I seem to recall that their chasers fit all their series heads. I do know that the Ridgid and Toledo do not interchange. Also, dies only fit the size head they are designed for. So 1/2" dies don't fit a 3/4" head and visa versa.
    Hope this helps.
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      I have been busy at work so havent been able to check in. From the specs you listed, I think the Ridgid 00-R is the one that will fit the 2" ratchet diameter dies so I'll have to order one.
      Thanks, Chris