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    Got home one afternoon from work, was more tired than usual. Took a shower and laid down on bed. When I woke and saw the sunlight barely comming in window I panicked.

    I had overslept and now I was going to be late for work. I never do that. Gotta go, gotta hurry.

    Thrw on my pants grabbed a shirt and tore out of the house. Got down the road and kept thinking to myself it sure is dark for 6AM.

    Then, slowly other things seemed to be odd. Why was my brother up and sitting on the couch at 6AM as I raced out the door? Why were there so many people on the road this morning?

    Yep, it was 6PM. Took me about 2 miles to put it together. But.. this happened when I was in my 20s.


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      Do you know that there is more money spent on breast implants and Viagra each year than on Alzheimer's research?
      This means that in the near future there will be a large elderly population with perky breasts and stiff erections and not the faintest idea of what to do with either of them.
      Jim H.


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        There was another blurp on the news about developing the pill to help your memory. Sure hope that they hurry and get the pill developed.
        Than when I take my viagra I can remember what it was for.
        Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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          Many years ago, my wonderful mother-in-law passed away and my wifes dad came to live with us.He was a retired tool maker, and I had a full shop to keep his mind off of things.What a wonderful time we had together, but at first he drove me crazy with his "requirements".
          He demanded (my shop mind you) that all tools be put back as soon as they were no longer used ..
          It went like this..taking a drill press head apart,.. use the 1/4 allen wrench..set it down..he picks it up and puts it away...2 minites later I need the 1/4"wrench again and look around.."where is it? says I.."where it belongs " says he..
          And so it would continue. Since he spent a good deal of time in Job Shops,he taught me more about skinning cats (term only !) than tool storage and I was greatful to learn all I could .
          The other day,I was looking for a 1/4" Allen wrench and "found it" in the rack ...and i don't remember putting it there and then realised that he could not remember where the tools were, unless they were in their rightful place ...a method to his madness !
          Green Bay, WI