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It's true... apparently one never DOES have enough tools

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    Originally posted by tmc_31
    J, could you sacrifice the "almost the right size pipe center" and shave enough off to make it fit

    It's hardened... and I don't have particularly effective cylindrical grinding in-house.

    I did locate a suitable expanding mandrel in a place I had forgotten to look and got it done. NOT in one of the boxes I expected to need to sort thru, but in a cabinet actually stored where I should have remembered to look.

    Second choice would have been a plug for the middle, but they have to fit tight, and it would NEVER be used again..... since it would be for a size I doubt I'd ever run into again. Just enough under 0.75 inch and larger than any common smaller size.

    Originally posted by cameron
    And it probably took longer to write about it, but why turn down a chance to bitch?

    Dave Cameron
    You say bitching, I say beaching.......

    For my part I thought it was funny..... all that tooling, all of it MADE for this type application, and it just happened that none of it worked for this particular job.....

    But if you need to call it bitching, I guess I won't spoil your "fun".......

    As for making tooling...... don't start..... it seems to be just about all I DO anymore..... 2 hours (or more) to make the tool that makes the job go in 15 min......

    Shop steward just decided to send the tool department out on strike for the evening.... so what could I do but go along?
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