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    can anyone give me an opinion of this system ? im not sure what version this mill has connected to its computer but. . . its a 6 year old tiag. mill.

    the folks at bob cad tell me its best thing since sliced bread. . . . of course.

    i have zero knowledge of cad systems but lots of time with drafting machines and squares. . . . many years to be more precise....

    im trying to empty my "bucket list", this is one area i have not learned yet. . . . i should do this before i take up flying me thinks.

    thanks much.

    davidh (the old guy)

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    Never let anyone at BobCAD have your phone number. Once you are flagged in their system as a prospect, they will NEVER stop calling you. Regardless of the technical merit of their system (which I don't know about I freely admit) I did once transfer a license when I inherited it, and they have called me approximately 200 times since then.

    To be honest, I did find that strongly worded requests to never call me again under any circumstances, coupled with assertions of 100% disinterest in any type of CAD system did eventually cause the calls to taper off, and I haven't gotten one for a couple of months now. But the resentment lingers ..



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      good advice, too late . .


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        If you have Comcast just dial *60 and then put in the # you want blocked tada done.


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          We had Bobcad and Mastercam in our shop. Bobcad was a lousy program with lousy support and like others have said they won't stop calling you to sell you more crap. Mastercam is a great program with great support.
          Mark Hockett


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            When I get repeated calls from someone like that, I always tell them to hang on for a moment while I get the Boss to talk to them. Then I put the phone down next to the speakers playing some music. They will hang for awhile then try to hang up. It takes three tries (on our phone system) for them to get a dial tone back. So, I have prevented them from calling 2 to 5 (or more) other people in the time they were waiting for me to get to them.

            That, I consider my gift to humanity for the day.



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              I have always heard that Bobcad was buggy and not worth the hassle. I've also heard about the telephone blitz problem with them too. So I've always stayed away from it.

              However, I went to a Maker Faire lately and talked to a guy who uses it and he said he was really happy with it. It's a given that "makers" aren't necessarily pushing a CAD/CAM very hard so it might be OK for simple stuff, or it could be that they've finally worked out the bugs, so somebody else will have to make that call. But for what that was worth anyway.

              As for me, until their overall reputation has been convincingly turned around, I'll continue using other software. Life has enough hassles without volunteering for more.