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  • O/T Nuther Pet story

    Yeah, I know its not machining. But I think alot of us HSMs have our pets and they are just as important to us as our shops.

    Well I have Pugs. Yeah, not the mans, mans dog, but one of the best small family breeds you can have.

    We just had to put our lil Annie (pan,pan) down today.

    She was a rescue we saved about ten years ago when she was about three years old. She was a Pug that no one wanted. She was afraid from years of abuse and not very personal.

    Brought her home and introduced her to our family of one other Pug (Muggsy, also gone now) and our two kids. Took some time for her to get comfy and know that no one was gonna hurt her anymore.

    She was always a lil unsteady on her feet. Im thinking cause she was a lil portly LOL But she was fast and active.

    But as of early last year her back legs would give out sometimes and it progressed to where she was very unstable. We took her into our Vet who is a great man, compassionate, loves animals and very knowledgeable, as well as pricey

    Pugs can have back issues and thats what it was. He said even with surgery it can still get worse. He said the best thing to do is keep an eye on her and give pain meds if she seems to be in pain.

    So we monitored her and she never showed any pain, just kept up with the active life she knew. Even though she was dragging her back feet alot to where it would grind the nails down to the foot. She kinda galloped along when walking or trying to move fast. Always seemed to have that "smile" we humans think is a smile.

    Then this year she started stumbling with her front legs. Even falling over. She didnt seem to notice, she would get right back up and continue, some animal fortitude is what I guess they call that, I need more of that!!..

    Well we did take her back to the vet and he said it was a progression of the same ailment that caused her back legs to fail.

    So it was monitoring time at this point and some inactivity for her. Problem? Her brain and doggedness would NOT give up. She still wanted to be an active part of the family. And thats where it get sad.

    I HATE to see an animal (people or other animals) suffer, HATE it!!.. So I see her stumbling around, her front feet are wrapping backwards and she is walking on the tops of her feet even though the pain HAS to be there she just wants to be active.

    And thats what sucks about this entire story. Her head was still in the game. She soo wanted to be active but her body was failing her.

    In the end, this last two weeks she was basically immobile. She could not even pick herself up to eat, drink or potty. We were hand feeding her, giving her water and holding her up outside so she could do her business. I love my wife and kids, they were right up there doing what it took to keep her alive.

    Then the panting and yelping and crying out. We medicated her with the drugs that the vet prescribed. Its the same drug some people use for pain, Tramadol. The dose he recommended was 12.5 mg. We went that route till she was still in too much pain and ramped it up to 25mg every six hours. Then that was not enough and did 25mg every three hours. Thats alot for a 25 pound dog.

    I hated to see her in pain when the 25mg wore off and said we should give more. My wife said no, it will kill her. I was thinking ok, it might but thats what will happen anyway (this is after we had already talked to the vet about putting her to sleep). I just HATED to hear her in so much pain and laying there crying out ((( SUCKS!!!!

    So we had our appointment today and took my lil girl in... If I could give a shot of anything to keep her from pain I would have. And I couldnt so she is a rest now.

    I love my pets like family. Not as much as my wife and kids, but I HATE to see them suffer.

    Tears were flowing and my lil Pan, Pan is pain free.........

    Solly for the vent peeps. I have to vent somewhere and this is the place I chose... JR

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    This sucks so bad, but I'm glad your friend is no longer in pain. Remember him with a big smile.


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      You have my heartfelt condolences JR. I know exactly what you are feeling since I lost my Mickey just over two months ago.
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        I'm a cat guy myself. Cats, dogs, birds, critters of any kind can become part of us and when they pass from us because of their short lives it's a real jolt. The grief we feel may be as intense as for two legged loved ones.

        I've had critter companions all my life and the pattern when they go seems to endure. It's usually a couple of years before I move on to a new critter who usually turns out as different and as beloved as its predecessor.

        Current critter is Spike a handsome sable colored cat terrorized in kitten-hood by raving cat-killing dogs. He lived under a dryer before I adopted him. It was his only place of safety. It took time for Spike to come around but when he did he's become a real buddy never more that ten feet from me - except for calls of nature and the need to supervise the squirrels - like he had a chance.

        I'm old enough now that Spike may out-live me but that eventuality has been arranged through the push-over lady from down the street. She's the only one in the neighborhood that Spike will go to.

        Sorry Mr Rouche. Old friends can be sorely missed, especially needy little dogs. I can imagine the wrench when you had to make the decision to end her suffering because I've had to do it myself. I hope your grief will run a normal course and you emerge enriched.
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          I'm so very sorry about your loss as you know we just went thru the same thing with Buster, I know how you feel & it;s Bad, I could not believe how bad it hurt or how emotional I got. You should focus on the good times you shared & the pain is gone, The"rainbow bridge" poem really helped. The caring from this group was amazing! I think we get so close to our pets because they give us unconditional love where people don't. Hang in there, we're all sharing your loss. I had to wipe a couple tears typing this. Keep posting it a good way to get the emotion out. Again Sorry,but we're here for you,Eric


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            I am very sorry for your loss. My Sammy (lasha apso) he is 13 now, and I know I must make this decision soon as well. Dogs come into your life unexpectidly and go so quick. Again I am sorry for your loss.



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              Sorry about your loss, just think of all the pleasure that she gave you.

              Have had six pugs, they are great companions and I still miss all of them.

              Now only have one rescue dog.

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                I'm a fan of big dogs even though I don't have one. I went to a local hydraulics shop the other day, and stopped on the way in to visit with the owner's big dog. Once inside, the conversation went like this:

                Me: "I made friends with your dog. It took about two seconds."
                Owner: "Most people don't take that long."

                Later at home, I told my wife about the dog.

                Me: "I got to visit with a big dog this morning."
                Her: "What kind was it?"
                Me: "Brown."
                Her: "Ohh, that's one of the best kinds."
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                  Sorry... some parts on the journey of life really suck.

                  Been there... twice in recent years It's been 2 years since we had to put down our 21.5 year old cat. I was suprised at the depth of my own grief and how long it took to come to terms with it. Took a month just to stop looking around the comer where she slept to see if she was ok. Still haven't wanted to get another, and I really like having a furrry heartbeat around the house.
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                    Went through something similar with my Annie last year. So sorry.


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                      My condolences. Losing a friend of any variety never feels good and animals are one of the most loyal variety...
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                        I'm really sorry to learn of your loss and empathize completely having lost my best friend about 11 years ago. Better to see them at peace than suffering though.
                        The only thing harder, for me, is going through what I am now; my Mom just had to have her dog put down and she's hurting terribly. Watching your 82 year old Mom suffer from a broken heart is difficult and painful.


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                          Guys i can empathise with all of you, on your losses John the little pug is at peace now, It seems in this "modern " harsh world people do not care, They do not seem to realise that the loss of your furry critter who is more faithfull, less greedy &spiteful than very many humans is worthy of grief

                          They do not know what it feels like, i still think often, of all my past four legged pals, & i still feel a pang of sorrow every day for my beloved old cat whom i also lost two years ago.


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                            Sorry to hear about Pan. We lost our 15 year old dog 3 years ago and waited until last year to get a new pup. She is a real character, full of beans and certainly keeps me busy in the shop where she has no qualms about snapping at welding and grinding sparks and she just loves to attack the compressed air nozzle.


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                              Sorry to hear of your loss. They are like family.

                              My son is going through this now. Always loved Dobermans, so got one from rescue when he moved out into his first house. Some wont believe it of the breed, but this is the sweetest, goofiest, and gentlest dog you'll ever find. She trained well, very sociable, went everywhere with him. Then about 4 weeks back her back legs just gave out. Spinal pinch issues they said. They wanted over $7k for surgery, gave it "near 90%change of a near 100% recovery" they said, with small chance she might recover with rest, and little risk to wait and try. To confirm diagnosis they wanted over $1k additional for a CAT scan. I counseled to wait a bit and see, but that $7k at this stage of his life (or any for most of us!) was a lot to spend on a dog with MAYBE 7 years left, and with breed issues AND this history, I questioned how later life would be. I also suggested at least 1 second opinion before committing anything.

                              Fast forward to a week ago. After calling around they found another vet neuro-surgeon sympathetic to their situation, and who would do it for less, plus hooked them up with a group that were going to pay half that cost. Went in for the pre-op and their almost free CAT scan shows that earlier diagnosis was wrong (as already suspected from other emerging details). It's actually a degenerative condition, and extreme surgery gives MAYBE a 10% of 50% recover, with possible relapse.

                              On the up side, the dog, like yours, seems not particularly troubled by the situation. A bit confused at times, but not in pain, and no seeming psychological issues. They are still working with her to keep circulation, try to keep some muscle tone (amazing how fast it has gone), and keep her engaged. Doc says that it could progress leading to major systems failure, but shouldn't be a pain issue (not conducting any more), so spend time with her and let him know when "it's time". I saw them today. They got a $100 wheel chair, but she hasn't adapted yet, we'll see. But she's quite happy to run around (actually run!) with my son like a wheel barrow. He also showed me that she's learning to heave up and balance on the front legs to move around. Amazing I thought! If it were not for the dangling rear legs, I think she could just about get up and go like the dog on a video I saw some time back. If it does not progress, and she keeps doing well, we talked about that they may consider removing the rear legs to make it easier on her. Oh, and they have been taking her to the toilet to do her "business", and seems she's adapting to that well too.

                              On a similar front, I've got a 10 year old bone mouth charpei rescued from a fighting ring when he was about 1 yr old and just starting to fight. Boy did that dog have issues when we got him. But once he got to trust us and "joined our pack", you've never seen such a fiercely protective dog. In the summer my now 20 yo (just married) daughter (tall slim blond blue eyes) liked to walk and run late at night in the hot Phoenix Summers. Never worried about her when Zeus was with her. Only problem is he could be too protective, NOBODY came in our yard uninvited. But if I or family was there, he was always under our control and would back off watching over everything. But now he's loosing sight, and got arthritis aches and pains, plus I think maybe he's loosing his sense of smell too. So now he's started acting out aggressively against our other dogs (Odin, an 80 lb Rott/Lab, and Loki a 75 lb German Shepard; Zues was the smallest at 65 lbs, but no question the alpha!) at feeding time, and more than once with us. Only my daughter and I can feed him now. I think he's always seen her as his to protect, and I was the one who went through the initial (sometimes rough) dominance challenges with him, so he sees me as "pack leader" and never challenges me, if he recognizes me. I'm afraid I'll be putting my buddy down soon. Can't risk him hurting someone, and he's still well strong enough to do so...
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