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    I'm seriously interested in hobbiest machining. Since I'm starting from scratch, the expense of the equipment is a major concern for me. I have been looking at a number of models -- Homier, Micromark, Grizzly. I was wondering though if I, perhaps, should consider an used lathe. There are frequently, fairly inexpensive used lathes on eBay. I have bought lots of stuff at eBay and understand the chances one takes.

    This particular lathe is an example of the types of small used lathes I see on ebay.

    It looks like a solid machine, but it is old. I'm not so much concerned about its condition, but more importantly if it would be as useful as a new lathe that I know I can get parts for. For example, the chuck that comes with this lathe appears to be a 4 jaw and I would certainly want a 3 jaw. Would it be possible to still get parts for a lathe like this?

    Thanks very much for your input!

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    you can still get teh change gears from clausing I believe.

    I have a 12x36 myself. in Centall Illinois if you'd be interested in buying or even just looking at/running it to get an idea of what it's like in person.


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by geebake:
      I'm seriously interested in hobbiest machining. Since I'm starting from scratch, the expense of the equipment is a major concern for me. </font>
      Why don't you apply for a grant ?


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        If you know of anybody who would give me a grant for a hobby, pass it on!

        I'm in NJ, so IL is a bit of a haul. Thanks for the info though!



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          Don't worry about NAIT, he's a little hyper just now.
          That lathe is a 6" swing x 18" between centers. It is a good machine, and appears to be in good shape. Parts and accessories are readily available.
          The current $300.00 price is good. I would expect it to go higher.
          Jim H.


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            If you can save big bucks in the long run and will like the machine, go for it.
            Just note... A lathe site unseen can end up being a real bummer.
            If it was a production machine at one time, check out the ways for excessive wear.
            Check out bearings and a zillion other things.

            Tom M.


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              Like Tom says, check out the ways, etc. Dave at has a guide to buying used lathes. Recently, I bought and later returned a fairly heavy machine. I spent a bunch of time measuring things on it and while they were good to check, Dave's simple carriage lock - way check would have saved me 2 days and sore muscles


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                As usual, you guys are the best!

                Thanks for the advice!



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                  In NJ you should be within striking distance of lots and lots of used machinery, starting with Sobel in Closter NJ.

                  As far as used vs new, I'd say buy as much good used now before it gets shipped to china as melt scrap. In 5 or 10 years you won't be able to find cheap used stuff any more, it will all be melted.

                  And stay out of ebay. Unless you can go see it before bidding, I wouldn't fool with it on a big purchase, unless from Meridian or one or two others.

                  Let the poor folks in Alaska or other industrial wastelands bid up the ebay junk.


                  Keep eye on ball.
                  Hashim Khan