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Doorbell Problem

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  • Doorbell Problem

    I used to have a doorbell that rang in my shop. It was an add-on unit that had a transmitter powered by the doorbell, and a reciever that pluged into an AC socket. I think it was operated by line carrier signal.

    I need another one that works the same. The failed unit is marked "Trine Model 908TX". I cannot find any mention of this with a Google search. Trine has not answered my query.

    Anybody know of a system that will replace the failed unit? i only found units with separate door buttons, which I don't want.

    I know I could rig up a system with a relay operated by the doorbell current, closing a pushbutton circuit, but I don't want to do that if I can help it.


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    Search Amazon or Google "Chime Extender". There's hundreds to choose from. Ace Hardware has one but the range isn't too great at 100ft. It's probably less in real life.


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      They make RF doorbells now. If you really want to use your original doorbell, find its transformer, and run a wire from it to your shop and put a bell in.

      Or tear apart the failed unit and fix it. Electronics aren't hard. It's probably a dried up capacitor.



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        I have one of those units. I bought it at Radio Shack, a couple of years ago.
        Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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          Do you have a name or number for the unit you have? It would help me if you could find it.

          Great leads so far guys, I am going to Google "chime extender" and see what that turns up.



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            DIMANGO by Lamson Home Products. model 3250R. sold as RC 3253
            25701 Science Park Dr., Cleveland OH 44122.
            "That is all she wrote!"
            The transmitter piggybacks on the actual door chime, while the receiver plugs into an outlet in my shop.
            Hope this helps.
            Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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              Thanks, Duffy!