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    We would defiantly separate the different calibers first. And make a decision if that caliber is worth further processing. If not off to the shredder for recycling. I’m working on a pneumatic impact puller at the moment for a prototype. There is a price difference in the pulled bullets. Where a pneumatic pulled bullet is worth more than a collet pulled one.


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      After wasting money on a hammer type puller I made a super simple bullet clamping/holding device that will fit my RCBS press. A piece of 1/4 x3/4 FB with the appropriate sized hole centered both ways and then a slit cut from one end and a pair of vice grips to clamp it. Works 100% and was way too simple and cheap. I'm sure you could make this kind of clamp easily out of hardened material and would lend itself to automation with and air cylinder.

      Just looking I think automation is a requirement. Vertical magazine, horizontal single stroke separation, lead dropping into one hopper, brass and powder dropping into another for later separation. Like a bolt action rifle without the bang. Depriming a separate process. Assuming here of get enough for the scrap, I decided that saving the few bullets I needed to remove wasn't worth the racket of hammering.
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        How much pressure inside the case is required to unseat the bullet?
        If you don't mind scrapping the brass, I could imagine a machine that placed a round into a chamber-shaped fixture and clamped a cap over it like a breech block. A hardened steel, hydraulically driven, pierce would advance through a passage in the fixture into the side of the cartridge, punching a hole. The pierce mechanism would be sealed so that high-pressure hydraulic fluid (water?) could be pumped into the casing, forcing the bullet and maybe the primer out of the case. The powder would be carried away with the fluid.
        The bullets would come out of the case in pristine condition.

        I could imagine a fast automated mechanism (I design and build such things) much like a magazine-fed machine gun, but would try to accomplish a bowl-fed operation. (no magazine loading required)
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          Is the purpose to disable the rounds and scrap the leftovers or will there be some attempt to salvage undamaged components? Knowing that sets the limits for how rough one can be in tearing down the ammo.

          Figuring what to do with all that gunpowder is another problem. It can't accumulate for long without becoming dangerously large in volume.
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            From Post#1:
            ...We can pull down the ammo and sell off the components or throw it in the shredder and sell scrap brass...
            What are all the various values of the components? The cost of labor in separating, packaging and reselling may be high enough that automated separation of higher volumes of bulk scrap is more profitable.
            Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
            ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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              If I had the amount of ammo to unload that you have, I would look at building a machine for the task.

              Start with a vibrating feeder that would orientate the ammo and stack it in nylon tubes. Then either feed it into a slide that has two holders that feed two separate stations or for super fast production, use a bottle capper design like most people have seen on tv.

              There are a lot of production machines that do just what you are looking to do, only not with ammo. Think auto parts in the millions.

              It seems like there would be good money in recycling all of the components you are dealing with.


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                I think these could be fed between rubber rollers that would screw and pull the bullets out of the brass.

                Image two rubber wheels mounted so that the treads pressed together, add to that another pair of rollers but with their axis not parallel to those of the first pair. As the rounds roll down a chute the brass in gripped between two rollers while the bullet goes between the other two, the rollers are angled so that the bullets is pulled from the brass. Brass and powder fulls into one bin and lead into another.

                Brass, lead and powder all ready for reuse!


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                  If you are going to build something, a variant of the bonaza puller using a collet chuck cut off to only the three 'fingers' added to a Morse taper sleeve installed in the top of a press. My old rock chucker has a larger die thread that was designed to use 12 ga shotgun shell dies... not practical for reloading for me, but it looks to be about 1-1/8". Large enough to put a collet system into.
                  Turn the press upside down to a 45 degree angle or so to dump the powder and install an air cylinder to run the ram with two hand controls to keep your fingers. The collets would present enough surface area to prevent marking the bullets too badly. Probably have to spring load the collet fingers as well

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                    I agree with Weston Bye. You need to take a hard look at the values of the separated components first.

                    Obviously it can be done and mechanized many ways, the question is $$$.

                    Just how does one accumulate so much 'hot' ammo to begin with? Is this the national collection center of drug raid aftermath?


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                      ammo use??

                      i'd put all the revolver ammo aside and save it for your self and your buddies to shoot through your rifles,plenty of strong rifles around in wheelgun calibers that can handle some hot ammo. how about a simple hand held inertia puller?? make one up in steel with a pivioting plate to hold shell in hole and slam the whole thing down onto edge of container,bullet goes flying out along with powder,or just use gravity, get a 10 ft long metal tube mount verticaly,drop in round with a steel weight behind it, and when it gets to end of tube and suddenly stops bullet and powder comes flying out.,make up 10 of these tubes in a row one guy works the top , one the bottom,removing shell casing, it should work as fast as can be loaded into tube.i dont think the tube system will work on revolver rounds, only with bottleneck rounds..find an investor to build a ammo loading plant next to you and sell him the primed cases.
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