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Powering the leadscrew, which parts?

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    update 1... kudos to surpluscenter, the motor arrived in great shape with just a two day trip getting here. It's a beefy little motor for the size, can't wait to spin her up.

    update 2... google sent me to a local gear and pulley supplier, turns out that they are suppliers only but they referred me to a place called Applied Industrial Technologies, which was only a couple miles from their location. Extremely glad I ran into that outfit! Talk about old style customer service, eager to help, and flat out amazed me. The guy there told me he could have both pulleys and a couple belts (ordered the spare while I was there) there by tomorrow... but the closest they could match the requested 12mm bore with what they could get quickly would be 3/8" bore. Then he told me that for a few bucks more, and possibly a little delay, that their supplier could go ahead and bore it out to 12mm. He said no guarantee on receiving all ordered parts by tomorrow (but it's possible), I said no problem take your time... one less thing for me to have to do. Yippeee

    Evan, or anyone else out there that would know... another question... Not that it's absolutely necessary, but would be nice to incorporate into the controls... How do I wire a jog button into the schematics on the pic I posted earlier? Ermm... where do I need to wire the jog button?

    Thanks again...


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      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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        Awesome, thanks again Evan!