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Drill rod, for brake rod

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  • Drill rod, for brake rod

    If I use 3/8 drill rod for a brake rod on my motorcycle will I have a problem? One end will be threaded, the other end will be bent 90 degrees. Should I heat the rod to bend it. or just pound it over? Thanks for any info. Stan

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    W-1 drill rod will work. Heat to bend a 90 then let it cool on it's own. You'll need to plate it or paint it; Otherwise, it'll rust.


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      I'd make a T-joint, and TIG-weld the two pieces together. That avoids the offset you'll have with the bend radius. It's more heat input, but you get both a functional and structural benefit.

      You could also make a fitting with an enlarged boss and hole at 90 degrees like the ones used on carburetor linkages.

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        Drill Rod should be fine, I made one out of stainless for mine, and went up a couple of mm in dia to make it stiffer then the bendy original.


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          +1 with Peter on this one, replaced all the rod parts with Stainless on me Guzzi. Drill rod tears when threading and will also need plating to prevent rust.

          Regards Ian.
          You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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            Originally posted by Circlip
            Drill rod tears when threading...
            It should not. Something not right with your setup or method.
            +1 on not bending it, but heat it if you do, and slow cool.



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              If it was not a brake part I wouldn't say anything....but if 'Drill Rod' is W1, then it is a carbon tool steel and unsuitable for this application in my opinion, specially with talk of welding, heating bending etc . You might end up with a hard and brittle bend. W1 not intended for applications like this IMO.

              What is the best steel? - I don't know for sure, it might even be mild steel. Be aware that using medium or high tensile steels would be good for strength, but plating it is then dangerous - it will break (hydrogen embrittlement). Get advise from a steel supplier in my opinion.
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                Is drill rod in the USA the same as silver steel in England ?
                Brittle when heated. If so, no way for a brake rod. Mild steel would be better, less likely to brake (excuse the pun), normal stainless even better, aesthetics are already sorted. I can concur that silver steel does not like being threaded.