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Engine Flushing?

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  • Engine Flushing?

    Have a older mercruiser 2.5 litre inboard outboard. I wanted to run something through engine to flush it out as its been sitting 3 years. What would you suggest for this process? Thanx Mike

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    dont bother. what do you expect to come out? was it in salt water?

    (assuming your talking about the cooling system.)
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      I'd pull the plugs, squirt in a little Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder, turn it over a few times, put the plugs back in, and let it rip. If you're still not happy, then follow up with a little Seafoam. I'm assuming, of course, that you will be changing the oil, fresh gas, etc.....all the obvious routines for an engine that has been sitting for a while.


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        OK Guys

        Yeah ill oil the cyl,s up with some oil. I was thinking a bit more and decided NOT to use a engine flush additive since I read on the net that many blow afterwards from plugged pumps ect caused by the sludge loosening up and travelling through the engine. Normally id pull the oil pan and clean but the boat inboard looks like too much work to do that Thanx Mike


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          I find the best thing is routine maintance. Before oil changes I run marvel mystery oil for the last 500 miles or so before oil change. Every 3rd tank of gas i use lucas fuel cleaner.