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Insert tooling for Small CNC Lathe

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  • Insert tooling for Small CNC Lathe

    Over the last couple of weeks I have become the owner of an almost new, Syil
    C6B CNC Lathe, which is a Sieg C6 that has been CNC'ed by Syil.
    It is fitted with a Dickson style quick change toolholder which will do for a while
    until I learn how to work it!
    What I want to find is a set of reasonably priced insert style tool holders, which take conventional inserts, Not the cheap sets where you have to buy a full set of seven or eight inserts with massive tip radii and negative rake for a 1/2 hp lathe.
    And not overpriced like that Australian supplier!
    Looking for 1/2 inch to 5/8 shanks
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    Try Kennametal or if your looking for something cheaper try these guys
    Iv bought indexible parting blades here they cost 30 dollars and run better in my lathe than a $200 kennametal one hope this helps


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      I've bought insert holders and inserts from CTC Tools in Hong Kong and haven't been disappointed yet. Packages take a week or three to get here, postage charges are reasonable.


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        Glanze also make some decent smallish indexable tooling at reasonable prices


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          Ceramic is good

          These inserts avaliable from The Carbide Depot can be used on the small cheap import tool holders and they work great.

          Byron Boucher
          Burnet, TX


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            Little Machine Shop sells Warner HSS inserts and holders. After you get started, you might want to look into those as well. They would be well suited to your 1/2 hp lathe.