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  • I ' m a believer!

    For over 40 yrs I have oiled my lathe and mill ways with any handy oil, motor, gear, heavy gear etc and thought little about it. Recently, while clearing through some items I acquired years ago I came across a gallon plastic bottle labelled " Way Oil ". As it happened the oil tank on the mill ( Busy Bee BO48) was almost empty so I filled it with Way Oil. I have the gibs fairly tight because I do some rather heavy cutting( for that size of mill). As soon as I had pumped some of the oil through the system I felt a difference, the tables moved slightly more easily and it became easier to position them exactly where I wanted reading the DRO. A few cuts on some scrap showed NO increase in chatter, if anything finish was better. I am now a believer in the power of Way Oil and will use it whenever possible. Thanks to all who so fervently advocated its benefits. David Powell.

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    I use Vactra2 exclusively.


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      There's more than a few schools of thought about machine tool lubrication. I burned up a $700 Emco motor once from just using any old oil on the bushings in the gear train. I now use exactly what the factory recommends for lubrication.

      And for way oil, I've found exactly what you did. It does make a noticeable improvement. From a Canadian perspective and living in a tiny town, it's really tough to find. Places like Enco don't offer us that free shipping deal up here so shipping anything by ground methods gets real expensive real fast. I finally just said to hell with it and ordered a 20 liter pail thru the local auto parts dealer.

      Any oil is certainly better than no oil, But I personally think that the proper way oil is well worth the PITA to get.



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        I get Vacuoline 1409. Great stuff. I just buy it from the local Mobil distributor. The 1409 is way better than current Vactra2, it is the original formula for it.


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          I use bar and chain oil. lol


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            I second the Vactra 2.
            Great stuff.