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I have a question for the flashlight folks

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  • I have a question for the flashlight folks

    I got the 20 dollar three pack of TechLite Lumen Master 200 lumen flashlights at Costco and I have a question for the flashlight folks. I would like to know if these lights have a buck- boost circuit and if they do, any idea how much voltage they will tolerate without frying something?
    It appears that the tail cap contains the circuitry for the three modes of operation. Assuming it has buck-boost, would it be in the tail cap as part of the mode circuitry?
    I want a bright, practical, rechargeable flashlight and even though I have been disappointed with LED flashlights before, these combined with the Eneloops caught my eye.
    Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Mike

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    It does not have a boost circuit. It appears to have a simple LDO circuit. I suspect that the "high" mode is unregulated ( the regulator chip bypassed) , with the battery's internal voltage drop doing the trick.

    I would not try using a higher voltage or bigger batteries. They will not have the same voltage drop and may burn out the LED.

    I bought one of those three packs too.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.


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      Some do have a boost, anything one or two cell will. You need 3.6v for most white LEDs. Look on dealextreme, they have a lot of different LED drivers.