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Wireless Handsfree Headsets in the Shop

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  • Wireless Handsfree Headsets in the Shop

    Is anyone using one of the handsfree wireless headsets in their shop?

    What kind of range do these devices have, how is the reception. Do
    they have sufficient output volume for those of us with some impairment?
    Can their microphones suppress background noise from the shop adequately
    so that folks at the other end are not tormented during calls.

    I imagine that an incoming call can be answered from anywhere within range
    but that you need to initiate outgoing calls from a keypad on a base station.

    Any recommendations regarding vendors & models.


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    Newer Bluetooth devices have a range of about 30' but with audio you may get noise from radio shadows as you walk around.


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      I was getting 100+ ft (anywhere in the barn or house) on my Jabra I bought in 2007, and it took quite a bit of abuse until I stepped on it last year. With the volume up, it was a bit like a deaf person yelling in your ear, and as many do, it had voice recognition/almost hands free (push a button once and talk) dialing and receiving. I need to get another one as I found it extremely useful when driving, but it did have a downside partially due to the range. If I lost it (happened often) and it was turned on I had to delete/unlink it from my phone or my phone's speaker and mic were useless.

      Personally, in the shop I avoid distractions at all cost. I do view driving as a bit easier and less hazardous tho, and also view the shop as my retreat from the world, not a place open to people, telephones, or the net.
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