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  • Japanese thread?

    I have an oil tank and hoses from CB750 (1970) and the hoses are attached to the tank via fittings. Now the thread measures (mm) 22x1.5 and 24x1.5 but from what I could find it is Japanese paralel thread and thats all I know now.

    Anybody has more info on Japanese threads - could even be a pipe thread in this case - from 70ties? Wiki says it changed to ISO in 80ties and it is in some aspect (angle?) similar to British Pipe standard.

    Please, forgive me half dumb question and point me in the right direction.

    As far as purpose of this post - I may be tempted to make my own fittings to make modern oil hoses for my motorcycle, but I am still collection information on the subject.

    Thank you

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    Both those threads are standard threads on airline fittings on Brit and European trucks, just standard 1.5 mm pitch 60 degree ISO
    Got two or 3 sets of these here but not a lot of use to you.

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      Try contacting a shop that handles hydraulic pumps, hoses, and fittings.
      I've run into those sizes before on industrial hydraulics. Most of the newer equipment, (Parker Hannifin, Bosch Rexworth) is now metric so they should not be hard to source.
      Or as you say you could always make your own.
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        It's standard thread in the US too if you're using DIN fittings. Look for fittings that are DIN 3902


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          Thank you, gentlemen, definitely helps!