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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum but have visited in the past and looked through it such as the home built tools thread which has lots of very neat ideas. I tell everyone I build custom cars which kind generalizes what happens in the shop since there are many things that happen there. Among them are: welding (ac/dc tig, mig, stick, o/a, plastic) machining (simple things such as making tools or parts, not very experienced and still collecting tooling, bridgeport mill and enco 13x40 lathe), auto mechanic work, auto collision (rarely but get asked alot so do take on some jobs), Custom painting. I have been doing these things for around 10 years with machining being fairly new to me the last few years. I just recieved Connoly's book and am 90 pages in which I fear will be the next thing that will completely consume my time . Being fresh to some of these things I will have some questions and I will also try and contribute some things I have learned along the way as well.
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      Great to have you! I also do alot of custom things on cars and regularly fix them. Thereis alot going on in a mechanics garage nowadays. Look forward hearing from you,I am also new to machining,and own a southbend lathe with mill attachment,and its awesome to make things by these machines,youll love it,and this is the place to be for all your questions.


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        Gawd I envy you... you never knew what the old forum was like so it's like this is the way it's supposed to be...

        does anyone know how to stop the page of the activity stream from loading?

        Im going to try saving the "general" screen as a bookmark to see if I can skip past that fluff...

        edit; It seems to be working - who knows - maybe this place can get comfortable,
        but at first it's like that far side comic of the fat lady nailing a picture of her missing poodle to a telephone pole and you can clearly see that the dogs stuck in the crack of her ass...
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          I am already used to it, feels like an old friend, no problem at all acclimating.
          I also just bookmark General on all the forums I read.