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Hyatt (USA) bearing 7392, anyone know specs?

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  • Hyatt (USA) bearing 7392, anyone know specs?

    As above, this is used in a sliding rotating application, so the inner race is extended at about 2.5" long and probably made by the gearbox manufacturer. I need to get a new inner race made, but it's not clear whether this should be 38mm or 1.5" OD, it would be nice to get it right. The ID looks like 30mm, the OD of the outer race is 62mm, but its ID is either 2.125" or 54mm, my measurements fall between the two! The outer race is marked 'OR305' (and Made in USA). A bit of googling suggests these might have been used in some John Deere kit, but this one is in an 80 year old British marine gearbox. The rest of the bearing looks OK. Anyone know whether the internal dimensions should be metric or imperial?

    Edit because I should have made clearer that this is a roller bearing. 7392 is the number on the cage.

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    I`m going to hazard a guess it`s neither. In general a standard ball size is used, often even imperial in a metric bearing. The other diameter is what`s left........



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      Most ball bearings are metric because they were invented in Europe
      Most all roller bearing are imperiaL (inch) due to their being invented in the USA.
      I find no number in my reference books that match a 7392 or the OR 305
      The first two digits (73) put the major OD at over 2.0625
      The 4 th digit usually means width in 1/4" increments or 1/2" in this instant case,
      Makes no sense as you mentioned 2 1/2" long ?
      I do not have a Hyatt cat

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        The outer race is 1.125" long, the cage is a shade over an inch.
        The inner race is about 2.5" long because the shaft needs to move back & forth within the bearing.