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THE RAT in my machine

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  • THE RAT in my machine

    I worked with my milling machine today. When I finally got the G81 program finished I started the spindle. TO much to my dismay a rat ran out of the head. Around the neck of the machine and through the knuckle. DOwn the cables and out of my shop. I was shocked, my pittbulldog just looked around. HUH? he said what was that? (we had been sharing a beer)

    I think I want the water moccassin back.

    Using vegetable oil to lube when I was milling aluminum. Perhaps the cables and everything else is good to chew on now?

    (dismayed and looking for a better mousetrap)

    I finished the 1st three back panels for ebay today thou. AS normal, two hours doing the code, and 20 minutes drilling the holes. I love G81 command, my other software didn't have it. I love learning new things.


    Anyone got a better mousetrap?

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    You need to program those CNC's to turn out rat traps while you're sleeping at night


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      Get a shop cat, and make sure the cat is friends with your dog. Now a stray cat that you make friends with will be a much better hunter than a cat that never learned from its mother.


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:
        ... much to my dismay a rat ran out of the head...</font>
        Ha! I'll bet it didn't make the rat too happy either! I've had mice, chipmunks and birds in my shop. The birds are the most frequent visitors. I once had a humming bird get stuck on a piece of fly paper. Took some doing to get him loose, but I did, and he was no worse for wear. Twice I've had roughed grouse fly through my window. Believe me, having a football sized bird smash a 4'x4' pane of glass and then start flapping around the shop will snap you out of your day dreams in a hurry! I killed and ate both the grouse.


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          I started a drill press one morning. It ran for a few seconds, then there was a loud bang. Stopped the machine and lifted the lid on the belt cover. What a mess! Apparently a small snake had been sleeping curled around one of the multi groove V pulleys. When the world started to go round, it must have raised its head for a look, and the V belt chopped it off. Most of the snake was still coiled round the pulley, but centrifugal force had done a wonderful job of spreading blood and snake bits all over the inside of the belt guard.



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            Say, ibewgypsie, the rat didn't look like one of these buggers, did it?


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              I think you should remove the hiding places that are near the doorway. Don't eat in your shop or if you do, don't leave any dishes or scraps. Don't throw any food away in your shop. Better to keep it outside and away from the doorway. Clean up those rat hiding places. Containerize everything.

              I used to raise rats and mice to feed to my hawk.

              Haven't quite learned how to think like a rat, but this is as close as I could get.

              Was that cooking oil used cooking oil? Maybe it had some attractive smells going on.


              Do you have any ideas for a mechanical beer can crusher?




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                Had a chipmunk in the spindle of the NakaTome lathe given to the school shop, and a mouse in the control panel. Both have ben live re-located (summertime). The problem since has been the stink of a mouse living two years in the control box (machine sat a while), and the acorn shells that still sling all over the place from the various nooks and such on the spindle - airhose could not get them out...

                I'll take the rodents over the snake....Used to live in heavy duty rattlesnake territory, I had my issues over the years with these in cars, under tents, in cellars, on the doorstoop, in stairwells, and once had two on my boots (off my feet to air them out for a few moments) after a day out in the wilds.

                Them and griz bears....but that is another story..
                CCBW, MAH


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                  Well, atleast none of those instances (except for the snake in drill press)were as bad as when a family of mice built a nest in our oven and we didnt know it until the stink started to spread around the house.


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                    BillH- maybe you should have tried some barbecue sauce on them.


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                      Rat poison, inside my machine, on top so the PUP can't get to it. If they get on, into my my machine they deserve it.

                      I have so much money invested in the cnc, so little income at the present I could not fix it if something happens. If a ball screw/ or drive in the head crashes I am SOL. A very large paperweight till I sell something to fix it. You know, kinda like I was when the Gecko drives failed? I had to sell something.

                      My hobby shop growes by reinvestment of money it makes. I sold my home-built Fatboy to get the lathe and the mill. A good investment so far. I keep trying to rat-hole the income from the shop. but... it keeps getting spent. (motorcycles can be replaced)

                      Rat=4 legged Phillipino chicken. I think I may have had it before, I used to eat squirrel when I was young. bushy tailed rat=squirrel. Can't be worse then fish, they swim in thier own defecation.

                      JC Fields used to say? Water? Fish fornicate in it. YUUKKK

                      Spence.. No plans on a crusher.. I need one if you find any. I only use clean new cooking oil, watered down for cutting oil. Never tried LARD, now that would excite the rats. Hell if it smelled like cooking bacon I'd never get anything made.

                      How is your mill coming along? ever get the dripper feed going and communicating?


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                        I have had good luck with pine oil from the dime store,smells good too.

                        Food has nothing to do with the rat problem except for the fact that to a rat everything is food.
                        I have seen them strip romex house wire bare down to the copper for a hundred feet,somehow the little b-----s never get electrocuted.
                        If you do bait traps,peanut butter in an old piece of panty hose material,they can't resist peanut butter and the hose makes it so they have to tug on the trigger
                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          You need a Karelian Bear Dog. Rat? If she saw a rat it would be gone before you could say....
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                            It was W. C. Fields.
                            Be careful with the rat poison. If the pup gets hold of a poisoned rat, it can poison it too.
                            Jim H.


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                              JC.. why,, it was WC Fields.. HA.. ya got me.. I am losing brain cells at a alarming rate. I hate it when they cross wire..

                              I am scared to death of rats. More scared then about any small critter. I used to catch snakes. Feed them mice, I was more scared of the mice then the poisonous snakes. I used to pay for a lot of hunting trips with them snake skins. I got a recipe for tanning them rascals out, quick and easy. 50/glycerin, 50% ethelyene glycol.. the glycol dehydrates it, the glycerin rehydrates it.

                              He has (the rat) jumped out on me twice today. THE lil bugger won't be around much longer. My shop connects with my wooded area behind. Leaves, branches, lots of good rat holes.