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THE RAT in my machine

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    Ibew I will send you a few pics of my sister hang them around your workshop that will keep em away Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      Rats have probably been responsible for more people dying than any other furry critter of any size....

      Read a book called "Rats, Lice, and History".

      Plus, when they look at you, its not really with fear. There is something else in there, that makes me go on S&D for the beggars.

      They look at you and it feels like they are thinking "if that big animal dies, I can probably eat off it for weeks".


      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        IBEW, care to tell more 'bout tanning snakeskins? I have a few rattlesnake skins that, after I killed the snake, I just tacked to a board and dried out. Now I have to be real gentle with them, or scales startt falling off. Do I just put a fresh skin in the mix. How long? What have you made with them? I'd like to make a cuff out of the next rattler that crosses my path.


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          put some coke or pepsi out for the bastard. Rats cant burp or fart so they bloat and die from the gas - don't try beer - they like sweet stuff!

          If I was a rat I would be dead 10-15 times a day!


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            I used to skin them right out. Peel them skins off like a pair of panty hose, it turns inside out. RIGHT at the asshole on the snake about 2-3 inches from the tip of the tail it rips, you have to cut it. once off the snake you can snip with scissors and turn it right side out. I have always done it fresh.

            I had a copperhead skin 4 feet long, over 1 1/2 feet across that had 1 1/2 feet blowed off each end with a shotgun. Now the Georgia record is only about 3 feet. If it had bit me, it would have broken my leg, its head was over 4 1/2 inches wide, fangs over 2 inches. I was back in the mountains, Cohutta wilderness hunting wild hog.

            Don't give them a chance to bite you. Shoot them in the head, even then they can still strike. Swelling is so bad you have to split the skin (your skin) to let the blood flow through the meat. Otherwise it all turns black from no blood flow and you have the chance of blood clots.

            Most snake bites come from people messing with them, the snake don't want to use it's poison, it needs it to capture it's food.

            I sold the skins, didn't make crap. Grampa told me snakes are territorial, if you have a snake skin on they can smell it and try to run you off. Older brother has a anaconda skin about 16 feet long I always wanted panels in my leather with.

            Rats don't fart huh? I ate some cabbage last night, whew.. and the budwieser..


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              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Tuckerfan:
              Say, ibewgypsie, the rat didn't look like one of these buggers, did it? </font>
              Geez!WTF is that?Demon rat from hell?
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                "DEMON rat from hell", they all look like that to me. When I was little they would get in bed with US.. I woke up getting whipped for throwing a fit, I had a very large gopher rolled up in the blanket and was pummelling it with my fists. As my very large father held me by one arm whailing the hell outa me the rat ran out from under the covers where I had it rolled up like a burrito. I hate rats.
                If Something gets on me while I am sleeping, look out. I have knocked holes in the walls. Bounced cats off the walls, etc.

                When rats get close I dance a twostep on them. Chiahuahuas are close and I want to stomp them too. (the one that bit my lil girl I twisted his head backwards and did no percievable damage to it) I still want to stomp it, but my older brother lets it eat outa the corner of his mouth, so it is his baby. (barking rat)

                Gopher sticky strips is what the lil redhead is bringing from Wal Mart.. I hate rats in my machines. Poor machinery. I think of my cnc as a friend. I have so much time and labor in it. The thought of it eating my stepper cables in two, shorting them and blowing the expensive drives out pisses me off.

                (Okay I am done now) Going out to pet Butch (puppy).



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                  New mental picture..

                  My bridgeport used to be 2 horsepower. Forever more will the mental picture of rats running around in hamster wheels powering the head.
                  Isn't a vivid imagination a asset?

                  Didn't rats originally come from China?


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                    In the march issue of Field and stream there is a picture of a BETTER mouse trap on page 52. It is a 5 gal bucket with a board as a ramp . adowel rod sits across top of bucket with a soda can spining on dowel . ( dowel in same axis as can.peanut butter on can . So mouse runs up board , jumps on can , can spins and mouse falls in bucket of water . I tried this trap also works on squireels with out dowel and can. just fill bucket 1/2 full and throw in sunflower seeds .Chris


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                      Cmiller, We are not talking about mice, a RAT..

                      Rats can jump 3 feet straight up. At least they do when I am swinging a stick at them.

                      David.. Ha..


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                        I finished the 1st three back panels for ebay today thou


                        Anyone got a better mousetrap?

                        You asked for a mouse trap .but i would bet it would work anyway . I doubt if the rat can jump 3' out of a bucket of water Chris


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                          wierdscience, that creature is an Australian "bilby." For some inexplicable reason, the Aussie's have decided that it's a good replacement for the Easter Bunny! Read on:

                          (Of course, I know why the Aussie's hate rabbits, but you look at that bilby, and when you realize that some kid is going to be happily munching away on a chocolate version of one come Easter time, ya gotta wonder if they're not sealing those cans of Fosters with lead.)


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                            Thanks for the reply. Do you soak them in the glycerin/ethelyne glycol solution, or just rub it on?

                            I usually dispatch any rattlers I come across while hog or deer hunting in Northern CA. Luckily, I've never been bit, but I have been struck at. I skin just like you said, and I eat the meat. Snakes are surprisingly easy to clean, as you know.

                            Sorry for the hijack.

                            IBEW 617


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                              "I once had a humming bird get stuck on a piece of fly paper..."

                              Last summer a humming bird flew into the shop through the open door and left through the open window, or would have except for the screen. Beaked hisself right to the skull, hit stop button [saw the wings stop] then WOT in reverse, backed straight out, hard left and straight out the door. Sure made some strange noises but never broke anything. Wish I could drive like that...