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new project- Enco 12x36- "taiwanese traytop" :)

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  • new project- Enco 12x36- "taiwanese traytop" :)

    midway through my Sheldon rehab this popped up and i couldn`t resist- while it`s not "old American iron" ( or is it?? ) it`s hard to deny the practicality for a home shop.

    it will need a few little fixes but it`s actually in good shape and runs well- although until i get my garage wired up i can`t really run it for any extended period- the motor pulls 22 amps @ 115 volt! so it`s a given that i need the 220v for it.

    i`ve always been a bit curious about these machines and now i have the chance to check it out first hand!

    if anyone has any suggestions for improving(certainly lots of room in this area) i`m all ears!
    it should be interesting, anyway....

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    Seems awhile back there were posts here concerning this lathe, and some "Positive" comments in favour of them.


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      Hi 1200,
      From the look of it, it's much the same as the Jet 1224P / Warco BH600G - so, there's a really good mod you can do! The tumbler-reverse can be changed to a a single-tooth reversing clutch, which means no more worries about the thread indicator dial, no worries swapping between inch / metric / whatever thread pitches, adjustable threading stops for 300 RPM threading to a shoulder... It was mentioned in a thread on another forum [] (a long thread, be warned!) and written up in (I think) Engineering In Miniature - the original was for the Myford, but has been developed for a range of different "hobby" lathes. It's not a *quick* mod, though!

      Another good mod is a 3-phase motor and VFD, drop me a PM with your email if you want to go that way, I have a wiring diagram from the conversion (I've done a few of 'em ) that retains the 3rd shaft forward / reverse control - it's also worth making up an improved belt tensioner, as the standard arrangement (at least, on the Jet and Warco machines) is pretty awkward to use...

      Other than those machine-specific mods, the standard QCTP and DRO?

      Just my ha'pennorth,
      Dave H.
      Rules are for the obedience of fools, and the guidance of wise men.

      Holbrook Model C Number 13 lathe, Testa 2U universal mill, bikes and tools


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        thanks guys, i`ll get signed up and check out the site- so far this machine impresses me as far as it`s versatility- once i get a few things tightened up it should be a pretty decent machine.
        most notable is the bad fit of the cross slide and compound- very rough- there will be a little bit of work involved to get them working smoothly.
        funny you should mention the belt tensioner arrangement- that is why i got it cheap - the PO thought there was something wrong with it- turned out to be a too-tight motor belt in conjunction with a too-loose spindle belt - once i got the tension adjusted(yes,it`s a little wonky) it smoothed right out.
        the motor on this one is a Baldor, which i believe Enco offered as an option.