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OT: Need some advice on email client.

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    If you use Outlook and Microsoft live, it will setup pretty much automatically and use IMAP instead of POP3. I use the "pay" yahoo service for pops 3, but that's mainly because I've had it forever and can't be bothered changing for $20 a year. The pay service also gives me and ad free client (web based) interface I can use from any computer if I need.
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      My new Dell lap top came with Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail is almost identical to Outlook Express. It's not hard to get used to it if your accustomed to using Outlook express. At first I was bewildered at it but as I kept using it I started liking it better than the old Outlook Express.

      I look at my email on my servers site and delete what I don't want. I have the send/receive function turned off and I open Live Mail and double click send/receive and download what was left on the server site.
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        Originally posted by rws View Post
        I'm assuming you know that for T-bird, you have to have a POP3 accessible email account with somebody else.

        Thunderbird will do IMAP as well as POP3. Those are protocols for mail CLIENTS to talk to mail SERVERS. Most mail clients use one of those two protocols. A 100% microsoft environment might use something else when talking to an Exchange mail server. Exchange is primarily for business environments where they can afford the extra support people.

        Every ISP that I have used has provided an email service via POP3 or IMAP. Thunderbird will do almost all the configuration for you.

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          Originally posted by Carl
          Windows Live Mail is almost identical to Outlook Express.

          Far from it. It insists on separating different accounts the way it wants to instead of letting me filter them to different folders the way I WANT. It also has a bug in the storage folders display that results in mail being dropped into the wrong folder. It has the insanely irritating disorganized ribbon menu. It is also always connected to Microsoft when you use it and you cannot turn that off or it will not run. That is the most objectionable thing about it.
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            Unfortunately, MS Office "teacher/student" version no longer comes with Outlook. So it gets a bit pricey to find a verson of Office with Outlook bundled. For me, and most people, I don't consider it much of an advantage unless you use all the calendar/scheduling meetings/contacts part anyways.

            Consider Opera browser (free), which comes with it's own email client. Also, PostBox download, which is I think $30 after free trial.

            I didn't like T-bird when I downloaded about a year ago, it was a whack-azz trip back to the 1990's it was such a primative interface.

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              UPDATE: The first one of your suggestions I tried I like at first blush. I'm using thunderbird and it doesn't look too far off the mark for me. I am using it pop3 and as someone mentioned, it did all the configuring for me. I don't use separate folders so this looks straight forward enough to work. Thanks again for all the suggestions and input.
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