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  • Morse Tapers

    I just recently noticed on Grizzly's ads (re their 13X40 lathe, model ???) they list a spec of MT4.4 for the spindle taper. Checked my M.Hdbk and saw only whole numbered Morse Tapers. What's up with that MT4.4? Is that really in between a 4 and 5? I've never seen any arbors, adapters, etc. listed in other than whole numbers.

    note: I found the same thing in several different ads and in their catalog, so it's not likely to be a typo.

    If it's for real, it'd seem very undesirable to own one, ...since mating accessories don't seem to be standard items.

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    I have a 12 by 36 tiwaneze belt head lathe (TIDA) It has a spindle taper of 4.5 MT. I have to make my own tooling for it I have never seen any kind of tooling available in 4.5 MT other than Royal collet closer adapters.


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      It probably is a typo.
      Griz is famous for them.

      Tom M.