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Tool gloat: Bridgeport round ram!

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  • Tool gloat: Bridgeport round ram!

    Just finished cleaning this Bridgeport round ram mill.
    It showed up on a second hand site here in the condition shown in the photo's.... Wasn't up for a "project", but couldn't get it out of my mind and then thought if it goes for the scrapping price I'll go for it. Mailed the guy and he was asking € 300,- . So I rang him up and inquired about the the rust on the pictures and what spindle collets it would take ( wouldn't like having one with the b & s ).
    The rust was only surface rust and or grease and it was one with a mc2 taper. Went to have a look and machine looked fine, especially for the price; I carefully cranked the handles and underneath the tables the ways were clean and oiled.
    We then dismantled it and loaded it in my van ( poor little van:-). Ended up giving € 350,- cause it looked like a really good machine and the seller was really helpfull loading.
    After a couple of days cleaning, the last picture shows what I got. I'm so happy with this new tool!!!!

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    Great job cleaning it up. You'll get a lifetime of good use from it, they're good machines. By the way YOU SUCK! Now it's officially a true Tool Gloat! Congrads!, Eric
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      If you have more rust the local auto store sells rust removal jelly that works well with the scratch proof brillo pads. $350 is a good price as a cheap HF drill press costs that much. I have a round ram with a j head and use it every day.


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        Looks good!!!


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          Good for you Peter!


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            If you need to do any refurbishment, here is is some inspiration:


            P.S. nice find.


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              I definitely have to check out this rust removal stuff; I have heard about it for ages, but never used it; just scotch brite and wd 40...
              @ ammcoman2: already found that site when looking for info on this mill.... But won't have time for a refurbishment right now.... am a young father; not retired:-)


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                Good on ya Peter
                You are now going to have a very interesting restoration project. Be sure to show us your progress.

                BTW YOU SUCK!
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                  Good find Peter.
                  X2 on the keeping us in the loop.

                  You Suck!
                  Have a good day.