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So frustrated I want to commit murder

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  • So frustrated I want to commit murder

    I more or less grew up in my dad's blacksmith shop, but I was interested in learning lathe work and as we had a large RR round house, we had lots of machinists who lived here. Many of them had their own little machine shop in their basements or garages where they kept busy in their spare time making working model Locomotives from scratch.
    One particular older retired gentleman who came into the blacksmith shop for parts and also used our forge to make some parts kind of took me under his wing and showed me the basics. He was what they called a master machinist at the RR shops. He could do it all and spent his last 20 years at the round house as the shop foreman. It seemed that there was nothing he could not make no matter how small. He built 2 complete working locomotives in his little shop and also made a lot of his own tools and tooling. One of his boys the (younger one)and I were good friends. The older brother was not a nice person. When the old machinist passed on, I asked about purchasing his tools and machines, but his wife wanted to keep them as a reminder of her husband. Well she passed on several months ago at age 103 and I again asked about the machine tools, a 10 SB, a bench top shaper, a bench top horizontal mill and the most beautiful shop made drill press.
    The son that was my friend said he would talk it over with his brother who was the executer of the estate. I never heard anything back till today. A person who I absolutetly despise came by my shop and asked me to come out and look at his new aquisitions.
    Horror upon horror, thrown in the back of his new pickup that is now a piece of junk, and laying on there sides mostly with all the tooling and precision tools thrown in 5 gallon buckets was the lathe, mill, shaper and drillpress, if I had had a gun I would be in jail now. The older not so nice brother who does not like me had sold these fine tools to him for $500 for all, just to spite me. The 10 SB still has all the hand scraping marks on the ways and was immaculate just like the rest of the machines and tooling. And to add insult to injury the truck had about 6in of fresh manure in it. The older brother had told him to bring it by and show me. This joker ran a new tractor for 3 years without changing the oil in it or doing any other maintenance on it. In 6 months these fine tools are going to be junk. I am still thinking of having a double funeral and inviting these two brainless idiots as the guests of honor.

    I have my box of kleenex at hand.

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    Man, that is depressing. Reminds us all to have some kind of machine & tool estate planning.

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      Keep telling yourself that they are only material things not worth getting upset over.


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        What an the guy's father.

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          Tools are kinda like Harley Davidsons.. It takes a while to make one nice. If you sell or miss purchasing one, that wasn't the only one made. Just look around.

          At least you are not waiting on "THEM" magical tools full of memories anymore. If you hadn't been waiting you'd have a stocked shop by now? Right?

          I'd shop ebay, or call later on and offer the yokel $350... Fk/em and feed em fish heads, Don't let them get you down.



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            ibew, I do have a full shop, overflowing in fact, I would like to have had those for a basement tinker shop.

            Necessity is the mother of Invention


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              I feels yer pain!I had a cuople of old realitives who among other thing had a barn full of stuff I would have loved to have.

              They had three Farmall tractors with every single attachment imaginable.

              A 1927 IH stake body truck(running)

              A complete blacksmith's/fairier shop.

              and the list goes on,long story short,dip-s--- realitive of ours(real jack---)burns the barn before the will was read(half of the stuff was to be mine)This stupid ahole torched the whole thing rather than see me get so much as a bolt,today he's in prison.Stuuuuupid!
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                I think the executor might have some legal problems on down the line if the other heirs wanted to press the issue. He deliberatly(sp) took a low price for spite rather than get the maximimum value for the estate. Hardly doing his fiduciary duty. You could mention it to the younger brother.



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                  Well, I guess this is a perfect lesson that its better to make friend than enemies. I dont know if this guy just hated you from day 1 or there has been a feud going, but one thing for sure, this guy must REALLY hate you to do this. I mean, He must of been planning this, he gets an A++ for ultimate revenge. Im sorry for your pain, but sounds like we are hearing only half the story, none of our buisness im sure.

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                    In case anyone has wondered why I live in Canada although born and raised in the US, it is because I need at least one international border between me and my family. Cuts down on the friction.
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                      If those tools really mean that much to you, make the "manure man" an offer he can't refuse.
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                        Right on the money Carl.
                        I am just wondering about the age of the mother (103), which would place the oldest son (the villain) in his eighties, something don’t add up here.


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                          Ive seen situations like this before. More than likely the brother in question had no interest in his fathers hobby/life. He undoubledly disliked the relationship you had with his father, a relationship that he could not compete with. His father probably mentioned your name one too many times and this really nailed home the resentment. The brother that is semi-friendly was caught in the middle and had to choose you or his brother and his brother won out. Try not to take it to heart. That guy probably has more problems in life than you can shake a stick at. He's the real loooooser. Look around you'll find what you want. Uncrichie...


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                            Sorry to hear that butt There a lots of machine tools around! People who know how to use machine tools are dying everyday and new people aren't learning so there will continue to be surpluss machine tools. I watch older machine tools go at auctions all the time for scrap prices. My shop is full!


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                              If I were you I would forget about it.
                              These things happen. Seems a pity and I feel for you, but perpetuating it will only make your pain worse.
                              Its an unfair world but that's how it is get on with things and try to put it behind you.

                              I am a good one to offer advice to anyone.
                              I am hurting myself from an internal dispute within my own family I was treated abominably by my sister on more than one occasion when my two brothers Brother died she buried them and deliberately never told me.
                              I found out from a neighbour.
                              I still get tearful when I think of it but that's life, we sometimes get tough breaks.
                              I feel sorry to hear of how you were treated just the same.Alistair
                              Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease