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  • Depleted Uranium

    I was thinking of milling some "AP" type of Sabo bullets for T/C Blackhawk black powder rifle. Can I lathe down those surplus Browning 50 cal bullet that they sell at the gun shows? Or can I buy depleted uranium as a metal product.

    My thinking is to try this on elk next fall. I need the added penetration for a good clean kill. Don't want the animal to suffer, or bleed to death running.

    I like the rifle, I have used modern rifles, but I want to be more sporting.
    Plus I give the meat away to the homeless shelters and such places.


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    Think! Uranum is really nasty.

    As I understand it, depleted uranium, is one of the most poisonous metals there is. Worse than arsenic. Only the military can get away with scattering uranium dust all over the country side.

    Check out the website.

    Try tungsten. Almost as dense and not nearly as toxic. You can buy any amount of tungsten TIG electrode at a welding supply shop. SpG W = 17.9; U = 18.7

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      If depleted uranium is not commercially available, the point is probably moot, but here is a much less alarmist discussion of uranium toxicity. It concludes that chemically, uranium is less toxic than lead, and that since the half life of U-238 is 4.5 billion years, its radiological effects are also not very dramatic.


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        I stand corrected as to toxicity but tungsten is still far more available.


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          F1 cars were using D.U as ballast weights, the teams were purchasing the stuff from the old Soviet block at about $5K a Kg. As an F1 car has a minimum weight limit of 600Kg they were having to put about 30Kg into the cars to bring them up to minimum weight limit. Scary.....

          A few years back one of the balast weights broke off one of the MacClaren Mercedes cars in practice for the Canada GP. It went clean through the Carbon fibre floor, through the engine, through the radiator, and out through the carbonfibre bodywork!!! AP or what?!!!



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            The bullets you are thinking of making will lack one very important aspect of the hunting bullet. Expansion. Your bullets will not expand and will most likely pass through the animal creating a one caliber wound channel and very little if anything of shock damage. These wounds close up quickly and eliminate a blood trail to follow. A good hunting bullet will expand on impact to at least twice caliber dia. and depending on the bullet sometimes more and once expanded it will also retain most of its original weight. This expansion is vital for quick kills. Expansion causes deep wide wound channels and rapid blood loss nessassary to drop an animal quickly and cleanly.

            My first reccomendation would be to use full caliber minnie balls. You did not mention the caliber of your rifle and I am assuming 50 Cal. being that it is the most popular.

            Two other methods I could reccomend, although not as strongly at the above, would be to buy the proper saboted bullets from Speer, Hornady or other major bullet maker. Or buy or borrow a bullet mold of sufficient caliber and weight and cast your own lead bullets and perhaps make the sabots. Usually they are of two piece design.

            Paul G.
            Paul G.


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              Personally I prefer exploding munitions while hunting. You can purchase a LAW rocket tube at the next gun show, small solid fuel rocket motors are cheap at the hobby supplies.
              A rocket body can be made out of thin wall tubing, I prefer conduit emt.

              The explosive warhead is your problem thou since our pesky goverment has gotten involved in the HOME explosives market. (aka Timothy Mcveigh) So I guess you will have to distill your own acid from used car batteries and use a nitric solution to make your own Nitro glycerin. (the sulfuric just removes the water) One point to watch, if it starts fuming little orange gushers of smoke, dump it in water or run like hell. Really good advice since you have less than two seconds. Wash the result in soda or the shelf life will be minimal.

              Ohh yeah, don't drop this munition while hunting and be sure to take pictures of what ever you unload on so we can have proof that it actually worked. At least you won't have to haul much meat out of the woods. One hoof and
              some hair? And also make sure you put at least one form of id on each of your boots. (gee look at that one bloody boot up in that tree)

              Actually President Ronald REagan was quite proud the exploding 22 ammo didn't work on him. It must have been all them jelly beans that cushioned the bullet. Ha ha. I always admired Ronnie (and Bonzo)

              (don't you think Lead Minnie balls will be safer for the hunter?) By the way, all this is in jest and any implimentation is strongly discouraged, YOu ever hear of the Darwin awards?


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                Yes I have heard of the Darwin Awards, for making Nitro G, you may have put yourself on that list to watch.

                I have found some Barnes jacket bullets for the 45-70 cartridge and larger weapons in my stash of bullets. I like a clean shot and generally to the head when I am hunting. The game dies instantly and the meat is not damaged by the wound channel.

                Thanks for advise.



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                  This is not the first time depleted Uranium has been discussed on this board. I really wish people would check out the facts before they make statements. I have been in a plant where they hot forged and machined pieces of U238 up to several thousand pounds in size. There were no special precautions taken other than being sure that the chips and tool were kept flooded with coolant. I saw one instance where a large vertical turning machine was being used to flatten a large slab and the coolant hose fell off the tool holder. The chips almost immediately started to burn. The machinist took his cigarette out of his mouth, leaned over the railng, picked up the hose, doused the chips and hung the hose back on the tool holder. He then leaned back and continued his smoke. No, this was not in some third world country, but righ here in th U.S.A. This plant employed hundreds of workers and did for more than 40 years.


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                    I see people in gun shops and sporting goods stores and wonder why they bother. I don't like to shoot game and bowhunting requires too much practice, besides they aren't needed. Man has gifts handed down from his cave dwelling forebears that when developed make it possible to hunt without implements.

                    The easiest approach for big game is to sneak up on the quarry and bulldog it. Deer and elk and antelope are pretty jumpy. About half the time I blow the stalk and have to chase them on foot.

                    I always preferred the thrill of the chase. Nothing like a thrilling foot race across rough country to catch an elk on a cold morning. If I can't catch them with my first sprint I run my quarry into exhaustion. I dispatch them either by breaking their necks with the violence of my tackle or I might have to use knife on a big strong animal. I think the meat from a chased kill is better anyway.

                    Of course it's hard to run back to camp while packing a 700 elk carcass but it does give you a fine appitite for breakfast.

                    Ducks abd geese pose their problems for me. They are vigilent so I have to stalk them from under water holding my breath for ten to fifteen minutes. I'm not that fond of waterfowl aanyway and hours in cold water make my joints ache.

                    Pheasants are much easier. Just slip up behind one and hood it with a sock. Pheasants are docile when they can't see. If you're clever you can get five at once in a work glove but you have to cut off the wrist band.

                    Wrestling bear, especally large bear can be very difficult becaue of the claws and teeth. I found that if you bring along a pair of boxing gloves and a roll of duct tape the job of wrestling a bear into exhaustion is a lot easier. Early in the wrestle you slip the boxing gloves on the bears paws and tape his jaws shut. After that it's all muscle and determination.

                    On my first couple of hunts I got scratched up be caause I tried to use the lases to hols the boxing gloves on the bear. Then I hit on using the duct tape. It pays to practice first on a brahma bull getting all the moves just right; immobilizing the animal with one hand and ripping tape off the roll with the other. Takes coordination.

                    Oh. Don't forget to take along a leash so you can lead your captured bear back to camp.

                    Fishing is easy. I'm opera trained. I can sing my high "G" with my face in the water and in a minutes the surface is paved with stunned fish. I can make my selection like picking cucumbers. In a few minutes the other fish recover and swim away. I have to be careful. If I over do it I rupture the air bladders of larger fish and they don't rise.

                    Fish are not tone deaf. If any of you want to try this be sure the note you sing is a "G" above middle "C".

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                      Forest; I am in agreement with you in many respects. If you choose to use primitive weapons to experience hunting as your forebearers knew it, get serious about it.
                      For myself, I prefer to bait the prey, and then run just ahead of it with a few sections of used well. Just drop them in their path, and they fall into the hole. They can then be dispatched at will.
                      Chasing an animal raises it's adrenaline, which toughens the meat. If they are chasing you this does not occur.
                      Jim H.


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                        Forrest, I have come to the conclusion you are my long lost brother, what does your daddy look like? (joking) I love to stalk the woods with just my knife. I am the smelliest and meanest animal there and everything runs. (I smell like dial soap)
                        Nice to know about the depleted uranium thou. I have NO PLANS to include it in my next project.


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                          If I didn't know any better I'd start thinking Patrick McManus is lurking around here somewhere. IMHO the greatest american humorist of the late 20th century.
                          Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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                            Was talking about this to the guys down at the hotel this afternoon. Said they hunted pheasant that way too, but only used socks. Seems the only pheasants around here are ringnecks. Gloves only work with pencil neck pheasants.
                            Jim H.


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                              True hunting story: At Alamosa colorado the road runs for miles no humps, just an occasional culvert under the road. Had a dog, I would put head and shoulders into culvert, call pup. Most every culvert had a rabbit or two. catch em alive, select fat ones and bring them home. Sometimmes ten fifteen rabbits, all unbruised.
                              Neighbor had rabbit to eat most every day. Told him I chased the rabbits felt their ribs on the run aand took the fat, young ones. Brought him a skinny tough jack to prove i was a fast runner.

                              He repeatedthe story I told him to high school coach- Coach called me at school. I was not elgilbe for sports cause I had not been in the district long enough. Coach said I sure did not look very fast- more the miler type. Left town with people believing i was a real rabbit chaser.

                              On the high power non expanding bullets, when hunting man or animal, remember that the velocity left over when the bullet exits does no one any good. And a lot of the effect of a bullet is hydraulic ram effect on the blood vessels and sometime the brain. the Military in not in the business of killing- a wounded man takes resources I guess.