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O.T. trip to Tenn.

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  • O.T. trip to Tenn.

    I will be visiting Gallatin Tenn. (near Nashville) Mar 4-7, Thurs - Sun. Does anyone know of Machine Tool Dealers or any other spots of interest to the HSM. Thanks, and Randolph, if you're reading this thread i will call you Thurs. and try to visit with you for at least a short time.

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    No real tool dealers I know of, there is a site of two thou on the net.

    Other interests thou:

    Yeah, stop by and see my friends at (click about Krooners) they are collecting old motorcycles, slot machines, all kinds of toys. You can walk around in AWE.
    They are in Lebanon in East Nashville, a suburb. Lebanon is the home of the first "Cracker barrel"

    The Grand old Opry is another old time showplace.

    Here in North Georgia, about 120 miles south of Nashville we have civil war battlefields galore. At the Museum in Chickamauga they have a 3d show they put on that makes my hands sweat. People running around the panoramic screen. Close to my home here there is Fort Mountain state park. On top of it is where the plaque says that Moon eyed people befriended and intermarried with the cherokee indians. Some tribe built a stone wall on top of the mountain that is a real mystery. The cherokee were the only civilized indian here in the south, 70% had blue eyes. All got removed from thier homes and shipped elsewhere. The Trail of Tears started close by here. Camping facilities and hiking all over Fort mountain. Be in good shape thou.

    In Rome Ga, about 40 miles from here Several historical Lathes that made cannon and other items are on display. That has been posted. It is about a 2-4 hour drive from Nashville thou. Traffic sucks.

    Chattanooga was a foundry town at one point, all that is about gone now with the history Lost. They have the aquarium, 3d large scale MAX theater. They have a historical antique railroad that used to run often. I lived next to the tracks. Not sure if it is still open thou since I moved back to Georgia.

    Hell, most people from the north have made opinions of the south from watching "The Beverly hillbillies"... (I laugh at thier concepts) and They are surprised to find out I wear shoes.

    I left out Rock city (tourist trap) and Cloudland Canyon (another hikers spot)

    I guess everywhere has historical/interesting sites if you just pause to look around. Slow down and smell the roses.


    THE REAL tool dealers and bargains are in the North EAST.. Maryland.. You can read the newspapers up there online and spot lots of bargains. My cnc came from there. My lathe came from there to N. Virginia where I bought it. A second hot spot is in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio.

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      I look forward to your visit. I am going to the SouthTec machine tool show (sponsored by SME)in Charlotte today but I plan to be around the shop most of tomorrow.


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        "Tuckerfan" works in a foundry in Gallatin.


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          Oak Ridge, Tenn. is a couple hours east of Nashville and they have a nice museum about atomic energy and a tour of the original graphite reactor. Powermatic used to have a factory in McMinnville, Tenn. I think.


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            If you like antique guns and/or black powder arms, Dixie Gun Works in Union City Tenn. is well worth a visit.
            THAT OLD GANG 'O MINE


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              uh...the last time I was near Union City, it wasn't anywhere near Nashville.


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                It's in the same state....that's pretty close
                THAT OLD GANG 'O MINE


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                  Tenn is not bad from north to south, but from east to west its a long trip.


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                    Looks like you've got a ways to go from NC there Cecil.
                    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                      There's not much here other than Wal-Mart, I'm afraid. Certainly not a lot machining related (well, there's where I work, Bosch's factory across the street and a couple of motorcycle shops, and that's it) or anything else. The town's less than 20,000 people, and it's a "bedroom community", you know people who don't want to live in Nashville, move here, and then drive to work in Nashville.


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                        Dixie Gun Works is/was in North West Tennessee. Last time I was there, it still had amazing displays of black-powder guns and technology. Only place I knew of where you could buy black-powder in 50 pound boxes for your cannon. Could buy the cannon there too.. Been awhile....


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