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    Don't worry Dr Stan. Now he has his Gerstner, he'll spend half his time deciding what to put in it, and the rest of the time wondering which drawer he put vital things in.

    Just like Eeyore, when he got a burst balloon and an empty honey pot for his burthday ?

    Someone had a garage sale two streets from me last Saturday morning, and I FORGOT to go ! Envious ? Me ?
    Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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      Getting a few of these kicking about now, not as nice as Flylo's but all have been donated by the owners when they were alive and collected after they have died.

      All have been know to me either work mates or friends who have shared an interest in engineering.

      All have been donated for free and I have my name on about 4 more at present but hopefully none in the immediate future.


      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        Carry on! Can't wait for the next find. You could star on a tv show for toolaholics and make out pretty good.

        Finest regards,



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          john, for heavens sake, we can see your work bench. . . . you got nothing to do ? ? ? ? ?


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            Originally posted by flylo View Post
            I always share! Coffee, advice, meals, & hot lead only when I have to. And I'll intro you to my new pet. Gunne Von Gattlin & I didn't even name him. LOL!
            New pet? Let's hear about him! Pic's too of course.
            Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


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              Originally posted by flylo View Post
              That's awesome to have something that special! I bought all the Thermal Spray coating equipment both wire & powder systems that were used at Bendix.10 guns. lathe mounts. 2 wire feeders,2 powder shakers,50 plus powdwers, a skid of assorted wire. & about 2 gallons + of Tungsten Carbide granules. Heavier than gold. 2 pickup, 1 trailer & 1 van load.
              On boxes I picked up a pre '40 snap on & a pre '40 Kennedy machinest box both full. Haven't gone thru them but saw some neat items. Saving those for winter blizzard show & tell! Gotta keep Dr Stan happy.
              "May the Bird of Paradise moult in your cornflakes" Johnny Carson


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                Nice bit of furniture - no doubt about it.

                No use here as I use steel cabinets with seven large roll-out drawers and on really good casters.


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                  I bought this Gerstner in 1982 for $250. Still have it. Hidden in the very bottom of the Gerster chest is the orginal recept,some old check stubs and business cards for the next owner of the chest to enjoy.

                  The chest below was given to me by a close friend. The chest was stored in a damp basement for years. The wood was black with mold and mildew. I did not restore the chest but cleaned it up, reglued several joints, sanded and refinished the chest so it could be used.

                  So much to learn, so little time


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                    Alway wondered why machinist used wood boxes & why the little diamond shape mirrors?


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                      Hah..... For you folks who envy the owners of Gerstner boxes....... They are cool, they are "the" brand name... all true....

                      But, if you have an older one (mine which I got for free is from the 1920's most likely) there is a big problem which can cause much cursing if you are not careful...... The drawers have no "stop"..... they can pull all the way out, and dump your tools on the floor. So you must be careful when pulling out the drawers trying to get the item that is in the very back of the drawer.

                      That problem is common to all the old boxes I know of..... my Sipco has the same issue.

                      If you have "only" a Kennedy box, you actually may have a superior box, since the drawer extends all the way, and will not fall out.

                      of course, the gerstner is still well-supplied with the "cool factor"......

                      Flylo....the mirror is for getting chips out of your eye.... for those boxes that have a mirror..... my Sipco does, the Gerstner does not

                      I don't know exactly what model this is, it is old. I didn't feel like paying $50 to join the "G-club".... (and I have fixed the drawer problem now)

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                        Originally posted by flylo View Post
                        Alway wondered why machinist used wood boxes & why the little diamond shape mirrors?
                        I've had very little trouble from rust with tools in wooden boxes, even when kept in an open shed.

                        Someone said the mirror is to help you get metal chips out of your eye!


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                          Any time I aquire a new tool of value I always build a wooden case for the item. Steel items always stores well in wooden
                          cases shielded from the atmosphere

                          So much to learn, so little time


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                            It is a beautiful box, i have a small box from more and wright in ****ty condition but i love it,, used to belong to an old toolmaker who died, his wife gave it to me,most of his original tools are in it and i use them, there is a little twin punch for chain drilling holes to make a die pocket i use regularly, the old thing will always be his, its something that sits there and i use, but never felt like i 'owned' it, just glad to have it, will probably give it to someone else one day


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                              For people buying the previously owned Gerstner type boxes, It's quite common that those previous owners have slipped various bit of paperwork and, or even a few bucks of folding money behind the mirrors. It might be worth checking.

                              Gerstner have a few YouTube videos about how their boxes are still made today. Due to the amount of handwork and not much up to date modernization in their plant, I'm not all that sure if they can or will remain in business.



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                                I bet if you spent $20K for Gertner vs Snap On you'd get an heirloom not something that ends up on C/L & can't get 1/4 of their money back. Just my opinion.