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The big dig in Regina!!!

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  • The big dig in Regina!!!

    Hello all:

    I live in Regina Sask. and currently the city is completing a lake rejuvination project that happened this past winter. It's really increadible to see this kind of equipment working only a couple of blocks from downtown. Here's a link with lots of good pics of the work.

    The official site is it just a little on the plan. Not quit as many pics tho.

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    Seen it on the news tonight. Looks like a great reclaimation project for the city. One question though. Why does everybody think that there should be bodies at the bottom of the lake? What have you guys been doing after hours that makes everyone think that. You would almost think you were draining Grenadier Pond in Toronto the way your locals talked on the news.


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      I don't know. I sure didn't think there would be any bodies, maybe lots of other junk but not bodies!!! What news did you see that on gunsmith?


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        So.........what's in Grenadier Pond???


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          East coast news. Story probably got adjusted as it moved east. Chester: Grenadier Pond is a hole in Toronto that is filled with water, guns, knives and some say bodies. One of them gives the pond blue green glow at night. Maybe it's just swamp gas.


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            Swamp gas? It was unbelievable, the smell that would come out of that thing when the ice would open up in the spring! Must have been alot of formenting going on all winter under the ice. The dig will be a great improvement.