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OT Craigslist spelling??

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  • OT Craigslist spelling??

    I am constantly in awe of the level of creativity of folks advertising on Craigslist.

    In particular, I am amazed they know how to run a camera, even if they wouldn't know how to spell it.


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    "L-AND" wrenches. HAHAHAHA classic.
    I worked with a guy who called Bolts - "Boles". ??
    That's almost as bad


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      Well, heck, look at those things. An 'L' of a wrench if ever I saw one. I'm amazed I didn't think of that.
      "A machinist's (WHAP!) best friend (WHAP! WHAP!) is his hammer. (WHAP!)" - Fred Tanner, foreman, Lunenburg Foundry and Engineering machine shop, circa 1979


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        Could just as well be "L end" wrenches. Reminds me of when I was a kid just learning to sound out words. My dad pointed to the street sign as we approached Union St. in Seattle and asked me what it spelled. I cogitated then came out with "Onion!" He said, "Can't fault that!" Then we went to the grocery store and went shopping. On the way home he asked me what the label on the sugar bag said. I pondered and then came out with "Cigar!" He got a belly laugh and said he was done for the day.



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          I guess if you store them in a drill index you can call them anything you want.
          Guaranteed not to rust, bust, collect dust, bend, chip, crack or peel


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            Guess it would be too confusing if he called them 'seven' wrenches, better go with L. On a similar note, I couldn't believe my Grandma had an entire storage bin devoted to her cigars. Of course that was over forty years ago when they still taught phonics. I sounded out everything when I started learning to read, For a while there 'homogenized' and 'pasteurized' were the biggest words in my vocabulary.




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              I've seen some similar stuff on CL, like a guy selling a "radioarm saw" one time.


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                The worst part about all the crazy spelling is how the dickens can you do a reasonable SEARCH for stuff?

                You have to think of all the common mis-spellings, and include them when searching, or risk missing a great deal....... the mis-spelled items are often the cheapest (although they may also be so rusty etc that you think they are off some maru sunk in tidewater the Solomons....)

                Keep eye on ball.
                Hashim Khan


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                  Originally posted by alanganes View Post
                  .....a "radioarm saw"
                  Encounters like that, and "L and wrench," etc. seem much more frequent nowadays with even the semi-literate hooked up online.

                  I've come to realize there's a segment of the population that goes through life, after dropping out of school at the earliest opportunity, NEVER, EVER reading again. Their I/O system is strictly auditory.

                  The expression "Fat, Dumb, and Happy" comes to mind.


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                    Originally posted by FatWheels View Post
                    For a while there 'homogenized' and 'pasteurized' were the biggest words in my vocabulary.
                    Well :-) Except for "Supercallifragilisticexpeliadososus" (Sp?) those are still pretty
                    big words. :-) It's been too long since even grandaughter was into Marry Popins.


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                      Obviously, they are supposed to be "ellen" wrenches...

                      The spelling errors are bad in the general population but worse in areas where English is second language. You should see some of the ads in the San Antonio CL - where half of the population hails from south of the border.


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                        This has been my favorite lately:


                        The spelling is right there...been listed mutiple times, could've been edited but I guess it looks fine to them.



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                          This is my favorite listing recently

                          If I'm not mistaken there is a garden hose in the background of the photo... Looks like a fool that is waiting for someone more foolish to part with their money.


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                            that was funny...but I have no scorn for him/her. its ignorance which is something afflicting us all to varying degrees in different areas; like Will R said.

                            What really deserves scorn though are those who fall into Mcgyver's kijiji/craig's lists "you just may be an idiot if....." top 6 list

                            6) crappy, out of focus of cell phone pics. You're trying to sell something, to communicate with a buyer. Is this best you could do?

                            5) You incorrectly use the word vintage (without a time period) when what you really mean is old/older.

                            4) Machinery, lathe, mill etc listed for sale but it just didn't occur to you to mention the make or any other details. I suppose when you go to sell your car your listing would be "Blue car, has wheels".

                            3) Sideways photos. Have you tried looking at them? This is such a strong indicator of the stupid's that they should probably not be allowed to vote. ah, what am I worried about, they'd be unlikely to find the polling station.

                            2) you make statements such as this worth 4x this much, when you really mean it would cost 4x what you're asking if bought new from a retailer. Do you drive around in your '78 Gremlin thinking it's worth $5000 because that's what it cost new? Card carrying members of the moron class.

                            and the number indicator that you may just be an idiot.....

                            1) You've said in your ad "too much to list" Good grief, even if there is lots of stuff, you're too lazy to spend 30 minutes typing out for prospective customers what you are trying to sell???? but you think it perfectly reasonable to expect me to take a few hour round trip to find out if your lame ass crap is what I want? You are an idiot!

                            Last edited by Mcgyver; 09-08-2012, 10:38 AM.


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                              I actually LIKE the bad ads.
                              If they have no clue.....Flylo deal?
                              Bad speeling....others won't find easy.

                              No pictures....move along,there's nothing to sell here.