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Craftex 10x18 Lathe

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  • Craftex 10x18 Lathe

    Hi There,

    I have purchased a Craftex/Busy Bee 10x18 lathe.

    Is there any one else on here that has one of these machines? I am intersted in doing some milling and am trying to figure out how to install a milling table or rotary table.

    I am also trying to figure out if a tumbler gear can be fitted.

    At the moment I am mainly using it for miniature stuff and I want to make some small stationary engines of the hot air type.

    I live in Red Deer and am happy to go to Calgary or Edmonton for coffee.

    Tom in Red Deer

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    Don't have anything like this but it sounds
    close to a 9x20 and I know people have
    back geared 9x20 lathes. Try the group at and search for
    9x20Lathe. Also Google "minilathe" for a
    site of general interest to small Chinese lathe users. Steve


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      Several years ago an acquaitance of mine moved out Red Deer way. Tom Pettman is a gun smith and a darn good machinist. I don't know if he opened a gun shop out there or not. If you run into him give him a howdy from George Ewen and Duncan Ferguson.
      To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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        No phone number for Tom Pettman in the Red Deer Phone book.

        I have checked the 9x sites and those machines are similar. I'm sure some of those modifications will work.

        Tom in Red Deer