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  • Electronic Digital Scales

    I am thinking of mounting an Electronic Digital Scale on my Enco 105 mill/drill. Sometime ago this was suggested by a reader as opposed to mounting an extra dial caliper with a broken inside tang.

    I am wondering how effective the 5 inch model (#39301) sold by CDCO would be, and will it stand up to the vibrations encountered by the quill.

    Comments from users of this scale will be appreciated.

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    I guess you are wanting to mount this to the quill for Z measurement, right?

    Since the iGo scales came out it hardly makes sense to fool around with adapting a caliper, especially one of dubious quality (CDCO)

    this isn't iGo, but it has the right mounting ends and is the same price as a caliper


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      Thanks Rex,

      Yes you are correct about mounting to the quill to facilitate "Z" measurement.

      I have no experiance with either vendor but do believe the DRO from tpactools would be the better of the two with respect to mounting.


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        I have this one:
        No problems as yet and the battery has lasted more than a year!