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Cadmium Test???

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  • Cadmium Test???

    Hi Guys,

    Is there a "HSM-way" to test silver brazing alloy for cadmium? A buddy of mine sold me some silver brazing wire. It's Govt. surplus from 1983. I think I can decipher the codes on the package, but not sure if that will tell me the alloy content.

    The package does say (in part), "Brazing Alloy, Silver, 1 Troy OZ." I have some Harriss "Safety-Silv" & it expressly says that it doesn't contain cadmium. I understand that cadmium fumes are very bad & I do use adequate ventilation when brazing.

    I'll also do an internet search, but wanted to see if you guys had any info. Thanks very much in advance.

    Warm Regards,


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    Use it. The cad bearing stuff is superior in terms of wetting and mechanical strength. Its safe to use with normal ventillation away from the operator. Of course, if you overheat it you will evolve some cad fumes but otherwise it's safe.

    Reinforcing the silver brazer's commandments: ensure bright clean joint preps, plenty of flux, rapid heating, apply the filler as soon as the joint is up to temp but don't overwork it. Braze the joint and quit.


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      You can buy Dithizone at about $16 per gram and do a swab check. If cadmium is present it turns pink.

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        Forrest & Evan,

        Thanks very much for the information. Sounds good. Thanks for the reminders too & I'll check out that website.

        Thanks Again!