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Instructions for Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator Anyone?

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  • Instructions for Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator Anyone?

    I recently bought a Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator(model ID-C112AT) on Ebay. Heckuva price which did not include an instruction manual.Anybody out there have an instruction manual they wouldn't mind copying and sending me. I would gladly reimburse them for the cost of doing so.

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    Their website is there may be some information there. If not contact them by e-mail, and they will send you information.
    The digimatic is pretty straight forward in operation, all functions are identified.
    Jim H.


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      Sometimes the UK site has a bit more info, especially regarding parts ( ).

      For a basic starter, if you have an "absolute" model, pressing the zero/abs button will zero the reading while holding the button for several seconds will put it back in absolute mode no matter where the point is located. If you do not have an "absolute" model, the on/off/zero turns the unit on and once on, and zeroes it each time it is pressed. You will lose position if you turn off a non-absolute model.

      Inch-mm self explanatory.

      Preset/set on Digimatic mics is used to preset digits for limit testing. You may be able to figure it out by pressing / holding several seconds. At that point, you probably need the real book anyway. On my digimatic mic, a field of digits is brought up with one flashing. If you get that far, one of the other buttons should "scroll" that digit while another button (maybe set) should lock it and move the blink to the next. Your indicator might be different in that you might need to establish the high / low via the point and save the settings .. I don't know.

      Hope this helps you to start enjoying your find.

      There is a pawn shop near me with one of those sitting on the shelf for a year. $200 plus and won't budge on the price.