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Sleeving brake cylinders-locking sleeve?

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  • Sleeving brake cylinders-locking sleeve?

    Going to try sleeving the brake cylinders
    on my antique car. Set-up will be simple as the clyinders unbolt from the caliper. What methods work best for securing sleeve into cylinder? Had fronts done by a shop several years ago and one of the sleeves popped out. I believe I can do better (and a LOT cheaper!) I understand there is a sleeve locker made by Locktite but am concerned that brake fluid will eat it.

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    I had a neighbor business once which rebuilt Corvette disc brake assemblies as a major part of their business. Seems the brakes on Corvettes leak badly. Those guys bored out the cylinders and then swaged in a piece of stainless steel tubing. They used a milling machine and a rotary swaging tool. After swaging in the stainless steel tube they bored the tube and honed it to size. They claimed to be the biggest in the US at supplying Corvette brake parts. Used lacquer thinner to clean every thing, smoked a lot. Giant fire, haven't heard of them since. Apparently had a good product. They took all the cast iron brake cores someplace and started over I imagine. Loud, foul mouthed knuckleheads but friendly enough. I don't miss them.


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      Depends on how thick the sleeves are,the thicker the better,last ones I done where .085"wall,I made them .005"bigger than the bore,brushed on some T-primer and loctite 271(red thread locker) then honed the bore to size,no problems to date.

      I have also heard of having the bores chromed too.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Hey Cass,

        What is a swaging machine and how do you swag the sleeves in place?