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Kennametal site, down?

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  • Kennametal site, down?

    Has anyone tried to access Kennametal info the past couple of days?

    Keep getting "404" error, not found on this server...looking for specs/recommendations...Carbide Depot has info but the info is for different alphanumeric series than what I am looking for...

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    What do you need? I have a TON of info from all the major manufacturers dowloaded to my PC. The rest of it, I proabably know it by heart.


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      Grade information. Potentially looking at KC9125, which I found info for and KC5010, which I could not find info for...Carbide Depot lists the Kennametal stuff "K # # letter"...not including wiper or "finishing" suffixes and I have not seen that coding before and don't know how to relate it to info I do have. The seller has both at same price per but more stock of KC9125.

      Hoping to conserve some older Tungaloy (sp?) roughing inserts I do have for their specific task (they seem to work OK rough to medium by making feed and DOC adjustments). Only other I have used as of now is whatever Micro 100 Dex sends with their holders (IIRC they say there are 4 surface coatings, not sure they say anything about wiper or chip breaker, seems to be sort of a "one does all"). Like to find something to replace Tungaloy or find more of them (last of sellers stock, 060202, TN24, T803); roughing but also looking at other for medium/finish.

      Lathe, 3/4 HP, 900 and lower rpm, CCMT 0602xx, turning and boring, carbon steels (sorry, can't be more precise than that, its what I can get cheap so no way to be sure what it is...highly unlikely to be "alloy" and right now no stainless; I think "roughing" as the first thing I often have to do is take off a layer of rust), trying to keep it under $6 per insert.


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        The KC5010 grade is a very hard, sub-micron grade, with PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating of TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride). It's a great grade for hard turning of steels (over 48Rc), nickel and cobalt based superalloys, precipitation hardened stainless, and 316 stainless. The KC9125 grade is a CVD (chemical vapor depostition) multi-layer coating of TiCN and TiN. It's a decent (though not best out there) grade for lower-speed applications in common carbon steels.

        Try to avoid thinking exclusively about cost per insert. Instead consider cost per part that you are making. If a $10 insert lasts more than twice as long as a $5 insert, it was worth the expense, right? If you were in the US, I just got in some inserts for steel turning and I'd send you a couple.

        For your application, the KC9125 is a good choice. Also look for Sandvik Coromant grades 4235 and 4225, Valenite 5525, 5625, 5535, 5635, Iscar grade 8350, Walter grades WPP20 & WPP30 as examples. Ping me with any specific questions about the chibreaker desginations too. I have some good data on that.


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          thanks much, will ping as specific questions just hope it stays warm a bit longer so I can keep working in the "shop", its been down to freezing the last couple of nights