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  • Chuck/collet opinions for project

    I am considering building a sewer auger and thinking about how best to chuck the cable to the drive.

    Auger "cable" is actually a spiral wire "spring" 3/8" nominal measures about .400".

    Cable must pass though chucking device, should chuck snug+, but not biting tight, allowing slip to prevent tangling of cable.

    Quick adjustment a big plus, sure release a must.

    My first thoughts would be a drill chuck or Double Angle collet.

    Drill chuck would have to be drilled through and a new mounting devised (how hard are the bodies of cheap drill chucks?).

    DA collet would be easy to mount, but I fear it might not release reliably. Would a spring behind the collet help?

    Any thoughts or ideas?


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    If by double angle collets you're thinking of an ER series collet, these tighten with a threaded ring that snaps onto the nose of the collet; when the ring's first unscrewed, the collet stays firmly wedged in its tapered housing. Unscrew the ring further and it pulls the collet free, which then springs back to its full diameter.

    For a 0.4" diameter, you're just too big for the largest ER16 collet - a 10mm - 11mm ER20 would do it nicely.


    All of the gear, no idea...


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      Most drill chucks are soft enough to drill, so that would not present a problem.
      A collet would not be too bad an idea either, but, in either case, crud and potential corrosion may create problems with the precision machined parts.
      It would not be too difficult to machine a simple collet chuck with a brass or plastic collet, and less than precision fitting nut and chuck that might be more serviceable in the long run.

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      Jim H.


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        Thanks guys,

        Ian, I was actually thinking of the DA series collets that look like big dremmel collets - for easy closer construction.

        JC Good advise, funny haw a guy starts thinking about mechanics and forgets environment!

        Another idea might be a rubber segmented tap collet for a tapping head?

        A simple thumb screw would probably hold, but I prefer to aviod the Whirling Eccentric Phenomenom-enom-enom - wrapping mu thumb around the screw!



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          What is used in this application? Seems I remember the last time my line was augered, the "chuck" was a spring loaded one way item that grabbed on rethact, but allowed for light pressure on the out flow. had to be "triggered" for return of line.....

          the "chuck" almost looked like a pipe threader turned backwards.

          Maybe an ER collett as a substitute?

          May want to go to the local plumbing supply store anfd look for a sewer snake and see what is used
          CCBW, MAH