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    I found a piece of 3/8 by 1.5 in by 30 in. hot rolled bar for the guide bar but it is a little dog legged--over the 30 inches, about 1/4 inch bow. The bend is pretty much uniform, not bent in one place. What is the best way to straighten? One end in the vise and Crescent wrench on the other side?


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      Originally posted by Chester View Post
      Looks good, but I think it could be improved if that motor drove everything in the other direction. That way on the back stroke, the arm/linkage would push up and minimize the drag on the blade. It appears it cuts on the pull stroke already.
      The decision to cut on the "Pull Stroke" was that having used Japanese Woodworking Saw that cuts on the pull It makes sense that if you "Pull" to cut.

      If you cut on the "Push" any flexibility in the frame or play in bearings would be magnified.

      The frame plus The weights on top of the blade is up to 5 kilograms or 11 lbs no advantage in attempting to lift that weight.

      The crank centre is lower than the wrist pin pulling down on the frame on the cutting stroke.