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Tapamatic auction won. How does that work?

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  • Tapamatic auction won. How does that work?


    Got the new backpans laid out, have been tapping with a hand drill since I was 18. Still doing that, but.. check out this.

    Tapamatic 30X head, going into my cnc machine. I think I bought the self reversing model that works off the torque arm. BUT, it was not labeled as such. Tapamatic website is/was not real clear on the models that self reverse without changing directions.

    The ones labeled explicitly "Self Reversing" on ebay bring more money thou.

    ANybody got one so they can share infor?
    3800939584 is the ebay number.. If It won't work on the cnc, well I got this 100 year old drill press ready to paint.


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    Well if you asking how it reverses grab the thing by the case and turn the business end and note which way the shaft turns,then pull on the business end and turn at the same time it sould turn the other way if its the same as mine(90x)the things I think work the same as the Ettco tappers by using two cone clutches,push down and it drives foward up it reverses,The Ettco tappers have a gear train that multiplies the torque going forward and multiplies the speed in reverse,dunno if the Tapmatics do that thou.

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      Not sure what your set-up you have but why not use a G84 cycle with the compression type tap holders. You program feed as feed equals pitch times speed. IPM= 1/TPI * RPM. The compression holder allows a little deviation if it does start to move alot hit the E-stop G84 doesn't allow slide hold. The tapping heads are more of a manual thing.

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        Mold monkey..

        Yes, more of a manual thing, Unfortunatly Kwik Switch tap holders are premium on ebay and higher elsewhere, as much as this tapper.

        I have not tried getting the speed on the vari-head, inverter setting , downfeed speed all tuned in for thread-per-inch. These tapamatic's appear to be self feeding with following only by the spindle. perhaps it would make more sense to install a shutter wheel-pick off sensor on the spindle too? I'll look into it.
        Turbocnc has a spindle read option, but thier single pulse per rev spindle threading sucks. I believe in the KISS principle, Keep it simple stupid.. Ha..

        I downloaded a manual-operational text that says it is a auto-reverse. #6 to 1/4" taps model 2000 rpm max. It states after withdrawing from the metal forward direction is resumed. We'll see how it works when it gets here.

        I am still learning. I got more toys now thou then ever before.. whoo hoo.. That stinking old harley is more expensive to keep up then another woman thou.

        Reinvest your shop money wisely, don't buy lots of beer and just a few toys. Somedays I do, somedays I don't. I have always had two piles in my wallet. One for me, one for all the bills/taxes. I hate taxes.



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          I guess you found on their website. The 30X is self reversing (when you pull the spindle rather than push it into the work), and I think it has a presettable slip clutch which allows you break taps more accurately.

          The 30X is made for manual machines, but may be usable on CNC (I'm not sure).


          All of the gear, no idea...


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            Thanks Ian..

            That is the one I printed out. Going to put it into the bridgeport book, now about 4 inches thick.

            We'll see..



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              I have a 30X. Yes, as others said it is self reversing.

              As with all tapping heads the capacity is only under the best of conditions. I have yet to see a tapping head that will tap at it's max rated capacity.


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                My tapmatic is of the reversing type. I don't remember what the model is at present.
                The way I set mine is to tighten the clutch so that after tapping several holes the clutch would slip, at that time when the tap slipped, I would change the tap to another new one (taps are cheap compared to the part).

                Tapmatics work great if you have a lot of holes to tap, for one or two it is easier to tap with the wrench.

                Hope I have not told you something you already knew.

                The depth to which the tap could be driven can also be set. Just screw the quil stop down and when the quill hits the stop the tap will continue for a thred or two and then disengages at that time you lift the quill to pull the tap out and the machine will reverse.

                The powder coating oven worked great except I have to realy clean out the inside of the box. The door needs to be changed as when the door heats it turns into a pretizel. It moves more than I thought it would.

                Thanks for your advice.
                Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                  the reaction bar has to have a stop arm to rest against to work. when you tap the head is fed into the work and once started will self feed until a certain distance + slop is reached then the gear case & clutches engage and the reaction bar swing around in the oposite direction and the head starts to reverse the tap - head must be in a position that it will completely clear the hole when the tap clears (say 1/2" above the work). \

                  I do not remember the exact amount for your model that it requires as slack before reversal it may be .2" or so, so but they explain this in the literature. You have a good unit for a hell of a good price. if you don;t want it I will buy it from you for the same price

                  This unit can be used on either manual or cnc, but not on full automatic machines for ridgid tapping..

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