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"Idea"...Extended AXA Toolholder

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  • "Idea"...Extended AXA Toolholder

    I have made a number of special AXA quick change toolholders. I was in the mood to make another special one this weekend. There is a long story behind this project but this is the short version.

    How many times have we found ourselves in the this situation.

    A small workpiece and a large live center with the toolbit extended to far out from the toolholder. To much hardware in the way to do anything else so we just deal with it. We take it real easy and sometimes we get by with it and sometimes we don't. How about the times the toolpost hits the livecenter long before the tool ever reaches the workpiece???

    Today I got the idea of making an AXA toolholder that was extended to keep a tool well supported yet clear of the lathe hardware. I added 3/4" to one end of the AXA toolholder for reaching out to clear the livecenter.

    Plenty of clearance between the toolpost and the center with the extended toolholder.

    Below is a comparison between a standard AXA and my extended AXA toolholder. As you can see the toolbit is a bit stuby but it is still well supported and should stay in position.

    In case someone is wondering the toolholder is "gun blued". I do this by surface grinding all the surfaces. Place in my heat treat oven at 850*F, let soak, then cool in a bucket of used motor oil. Black oxide is much nicer but I have had poor luck doing black oxide at home.

    Hope this was of interest, Jim
    So much to learn, so little time

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    Thats one possible solution. Is there any particular reason you couldnt either drop on an angled tool holder (right hand?) or simply angle the tool post? Personally, this is one of the exact reasons I keep the lantern on the lathe and only use the QCTP for small "production'esque" jobs.
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      Nice job. Aloris makes such a holder, it is the number 13 & 13L for left hand operations. The Aloris site is worth perusing for inspiration as they offer many toolholders beyond those that come with the basic sets or are offered by PhaseII and other clones.
      Jim H.


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        i solved a similar problem with this

        riten 51102


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          Thanks for the interesting repys.

          The need for the extended length toolholder was for a short run production job I ran several weeks ago on my CNC Denford lathe. I used the toolbit to gage how far the workpiece extended from the chuck. Then clear the toolbit and run the livecenter into the workpiece then start turning the job.

          Here is another special AXA toolholder I made years ago. It is a combination
          turn/face/cut-off tool. I don't use it much but it work great when I have a use for it

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            I use one of these.

            Very hand for small diameter work.

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              Originally posted by outback View Post
              Here is another special AXA toolholder I made years ago. It is a combination
              turn/face/cut-off tool. I don't use it much but it work great when I have a use for it
              Ya just plain gotta love this place! I was just thinking about how to get the most out of a QCTP on a CNC lathe and here's a solution! Very nice, thanks Jim. For many jobs, that'd be quicker than an ATC.

              You've obviously been doing some real work with your ORAC. Have you set up tool tables & offsets in Mach yet?

              John, do you have a link to one of those small dia centers?

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                Actually I have a livecenter similar to the one you posted for my Orac but I still wanted a special toolholder. By the way, I bought mine from ENCO,
                Model #328-0164. Nice little livecenter, made in China. The bearings felt like they had grit in them. ENCO is great about taking back their Chinese crap.
                The second one worked great.


                I have another short run production job for the Orac but I have not used the tool tables. However, I can see a need for the spindle speed control.

                Here is another special AXA Toolholder. Made it and never used it. Another
                turn and part-off.

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                So much to learn, so little time


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                  Other tool holders

                  First, nice job building the tool holder. Having the right tool for the job at hand is all ways best. It is surprising how many tool holders one can accumulate over time.

                  Some other solutions: justanengineer’s mention of the lantern tool post brings a couple of thoughts to mind. Those tool holders can be modified to work in the QCTP holders. Both Aloris and Dorian make oversized 3/4" holders for the AXA size posts. I have also modified some of the CDCO holders to accept larger shanks.

                  Another solution is to rotate the Tool post and use a holder on the right side.

                  The 3/16 and 1/4" cutoff blades can be ground to turning profiles and extended further than smaller square bits.

                  Dorian makes a tool that uses TNMG inserts and has a nose that can be rotated. This has become one of my most used tools. The compact size enhances rigidity and it works better than other holders using the same insert. Steve Acker in some of his Videos uses a similar tool that has Vees on both front and back. This can then be used for both turning and facing. I would very much like to have one of those.
                  Byron Boucher
                  Burnet, TX


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                    My most used inserted tool holder is the Aloris -XA 20. It is extended for the extra reach plus the angle of the tool can be changed to fit the need or for facing. It is also adjustable for rake.


                    The downside of the other Aloris inserted tool holders is that the pocket for the insert is integral and if damaged the holder is shot. With this one, all parts are available individually, the insert is held in a cartridge which is relatively inexpensive.

                    The availability of individual parts also allows the thrifty HSM to purchase a couple of pieces and gin up his own holder.
                    Jim H.


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                      I have one of those #2 MT centers with just the live center about 5/16" dia. sticking out of it,but mine has a CNC tip. I use it on the smaller work I frequently do. The clearance is very convenient. Especially good for the HLVH lathe,where clearance can be a problem around the tailstock. My 16" lathe also has a CNC tipped center in it,similar to the Riten pictured. Unless I'm turning something incredibly heavy,I see no need to use the more usual type.