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  • Tool Gloat from Tim The Grim

    I went to an "Estate Auction" this morning after seeing "Drill Press and Machinist Reamers" mentioned in the Sunday paper "Auctions" section.
    Machinery and industrial equipment auctions here in El Paso are usually dominated by shop owners from Juarez, Mexico and I've never had any luck out-bidding them.
    They have deep pockets and scarf up just about everything and take it back across the Rio Grande.
    I figured this auction with a 9am Monday start time and a really small add might be a lucky one for me. And I'm on vacation.

    Well, it was a bunch of flea market type folks looking for antiques and such with no shop owners to be seen.

    I only bought half the reamers that were available and a box of taps too.
    I let another guy outbid me a few times on the assortments I wasn't all that keen on.
    Each box was counted out with a minimum 250 reamers in assorted sizes. The taps are anything from 3-48 to 15/16 with some heli-coil taps in there too. All HSS.
    I paid $124.00 for what you see here. All American, some new, some re-sharps, none are banged up too bad at all.
    It was a small local auction outfit with very friendly and accommodating people running it.
    I'm Happy !!

    Also... Just last week I bought the $95.00 29 piece fractional reamer set from CDCO in the wooden box. (Wouldn't ya figure now I'd find all these.)

    Anyway...Nice looking reamers. Well ground and they run straight. I won't be using them on any CPM10V so they're plenty good enough for a home shop.
    I'm happy with them too and CDCO had them out here in 4 days.
    Illigitimi non Carborundum 😎
    9X49 Birmingham Mill, Reid Model 2C Grinder, 13x40 ENCO GH Lathe, 6X18 Craftsman lathe, Sherline CNC mill, Eastwood TIG200 AC/DC and lots of stuff from 30+ years in the trade and 15.5 in refinery unit operations. Now retired. El Paso, TX

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    You should be happy.


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      Good score, but i'm thinking Poor "Flylo" now he's going to be headin your'e way!


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        Originally posted by sasquatch View Post
        Good score, but i'm thinking Poor "Flylo" now he's going to be headin your'e way!
        You'll have to change your handle to flyo II

        BTW, just to make it official here it is:

        YOU SUCK!!!

        Enjoy the reamers.


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          Good buy! I'm feeling better & back at it. Just got the Gortin 1-2 into the hands of a young machinst who is going to do well. Also 2 miller CP200 Migs,a great home built elect/hyd press & a ton more. That Gorton is one heavy mill. We took it apart & is it in nice shape, heavy & well built. Sunday we put the mill on a sng axle trailer & had 50 miles to go. Got 3.5 miles from his house & a tire peeled. I felt the bump, saw the smoke & all the tread came off but we made it on the casing. I left it at his house & we picked up the rest tonight including the cabinet under the press that must have 500+ pounds of tools & other treasure. I love seeing what these old guys built & enjoy helping new ones get started. And the biggest pair of Starret calipers I ever saw($5 additional).
          Sorry this isn't my thread. Ooops! Oh ya YOU SUCK! Great buy!